Caprock Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 58-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 27 Original Sheet No. 27 : Effective


15.2 The information and format required from a Shipper for

a valid request for transportation service or amended service,

including transactions in which an affiliated marketer is involved,

are contained in this Tariff.

15.3 The procedures used to address and resolve complaints by

Shippers and replacement shippers are as follows:

(A) Caprock will endeavor to respond to and/or resolve

telephone inquiries/complaints, on an informal basis,

concerning requested and/or furnished transportation service,

promptly and adequately, in the order received. If, however,

a Shipper or replacement shipper finds the informal response

inadequate for resolution of Shipper's concerns or questions

and elects to file a formal complaint, the procedures set

forth below should be followed.

(B) Formal complaints by any Shipper or replacement

shipper should clearly state the issue(s) and facts relied on

by the Shipper.

Upon receipt by Caprock, a formal complaint will

be recorded in the Transportation Service Complaint Log

maintained by its Transportation and Exchange Department, and

a written acknowledgement of receipt, reiterating the nature

of the complaint and identifying the Caprock representative

assigned to respond to the complaint, will be mailed by

registered or certified mail to complainant. Caprock will

respond to formal complaints by telephone within 48 hours of

receipt and by letter within 30 days of receipt.

Caprock will make every effort to address and

resolve complaints in the order received but final resolution

will be dependent upon the nature of the complaint and the

time necessary to investigate the complaint, verify the

underlying cause(s) and determine the relevant facts.

If a complaint is determined to be based on a

misunderstanding of Caprock's policies and procedures as set

forth in its Tariff and/or published notices to Shippers, the

resolution of the complaint will be handled by telephone and

appropriately documented in the Transportation Service

Complaint Log. If, upon investigation, it is determined that

Caprock erred in applying its policies and procedures,

remedial action acceptable to both Caprock and complainant

will be documented in writing, signed by both parties and

filed in the Transportation Service Complaint Log.

15.4 The procedures used by Caprock to inform affiliated and

nonaffiliated shippers and replacement shippers on the availability

and pricing of transportation services are as follows:

(A) Inquiries as to the availability of service on

Caprock's system are to be directed to its Transportation and

Exchange Department and are generally responded to by

telephone at which time the Shipper or replacement shipper is

informed verbally of the availability and pricing of

transportation service(s).