Caprock Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 58-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 12 Original Sheet No. 12 : Effective


parties, such correction shall be made over a period extending

over the last one-half («) of the time elapsed since the date

of the latest test, such correction period not to exceed

fifteen (15) days.

(C) If, during any test of the measuring equipment, an

adjustment or calibration error is found which results in an

incremental adjustment to the calculated hourly flow rate

which does not exceed two percent (2%) of the adjusted flow

rate (as described in part (B) of this Section), all prior

recording shall be considered to be accurate for quantity

determination purposes.

4.9 Special Test - In the event a Shipper desires a special

test (a test not scheduled by Caprock under the provisions of

Section 4.8 above) of any measuring equipment, seventy-two (72)

hours advance notice, in writing, shall be given to Caprock and both

parties shall cooperate to secure a prompt test of the accuracy of

such equipment. If the measuring equipment tested is found to fall

under the provisions of Section 4.8(A) above or if an inspection of

the primary measurement equipment indicates no problems, Caprock

shall have the right to bill Shipper for the cost of such special

test including any labor and transportation costs pertaining to such

special test and Shipper shall pay such costs.

4.10 Measurement Adjustment - If, for any reason, any

measurement equipment is (i) out of adjustment, (ii) out of service,

or (iii) out of repair and the total calculated hourly flow rate

through each meter run is found to be in error by an amount of the

magnitude described in Section 4.8(B) above, the total quantity of

gas delivered shall be redetermined in accordance with the first of

the following methods which is feasible:

(A) by using the registration of any mutually

agreeable check metering facility, if installed and accurately

registering (subject to testing as described in Section 4.8


(B) where parallel multiple meter runs exist, by

calculation using the registration of such parallel meter

runs; provided that they are measuring gas from upstream and

downstream headers in common with the faulty metering

equipment, are not controlled by separate regulators, and are

accurately registering;

(C) by correcting the error by re-reading of the

official charts, or by straightforward application of a

correction factor to the quantities recorded for the period

(if the net percentage of error is ascertainable by

calibration, tests or mathematical calculation);

(D) by estimating the quantity, based upon deliveries

made during periods of similar conditions when the meter was

registering accurately.

4.11 Data and Records Retention - Caprock shall retain and

preserve for a period of at least two (2) years all test data,

charts, and other similar records.