Caprock Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 58-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 8 Original Sheet No. 8 : Effective


(I) Objectionable Liquids and Solids and Dilution:

The gas shall be commercially free from objectionable dust,

gums, gum-forming constituents, or other liquids or solid

matter which might become separated from the gas in the course

of transportation through pipelines and shall not be subjected

to any treatment or process which will change the chemical

composition of any of the component parts of the gas, permit

or cause the admission of oxygen or which will dilute such


(J) Gross Heating Value: The gas shall have an as

delivered Gross Heating Value of not less than nine hundred

seventy-five (975) BTU per cubic foot nor more than one

thousand one hundred (1100) BTU per cubic foot.

(K) Natural Gas Liquids: Notwithstanding the Gross

Heating Value allowable above, the gas shall not contain more

than two tenths (0.2) of a gallon per thousand cubic feet of

Natural Gasoline (C5+ components) components.

(L) Non-Hydrocarbons: The gas shall not contain more

than four percent (4%) by volume of non-hydrocarbons. Non-

hydrocarbons shall include, but not be limited to, helium,

carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide.

2.2 Nonconforming Gas - As to gas which cannot meet the

specifications set out above and which Shipper elects not to process

to meet said specifications, Caprock, in its sole opinion, shall

have the option to:

(A) Refuse to accept delivery of such gas. In the

event Shipper cannot correct such deficiency within a

reasonable time, Caprock shall have the right to terminate the

Agreement upon giving Shipper prior written notice; or

(B) Accept delivery of such gas pursuant to mutually

agreeable terms, said terms to be agreed upon in writing by

the parties. Caprock's acceptance of gas that does not

conform to the quality specifications stated above in Article

2.1 shall not constitute a waiver of such specifications by

Caprock in regard to gas delivered or redelivered under the

Agreement in the future, nor shall acceptance without an

express written waiver constitute a waiver of any claim for

damages resulting from delivery of gas not meeting such


Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of Article 2.1,

in the event the quality specifications of the receiving

pipeline at the Redelivery Point are more stringent than those

defined above, Caprock shall not be required to accept at the

Delivery Point(s), nor redeliver at the Redelivery Point(s)

any gas for transportation hereunder to such points. Caprock

reserves the right to amend the Quality of Gas specifications

set forth in Article 2.1 effective with thirty (30) days prior

written notice.