Caprock Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/02/1998, Docket: RP99- 71-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 6 Second Revised Sheet No. 6 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 6











Unless the context of the Agreement requires otherwise,

the following definitions shall be applicable:

1.1 The term "Agreement" shall include these General

Terms and Conditions and any executed transportation


1.2 The term "gas" shall mean pipeline quality natural

gas and shall include casinghead gas produced with crude oil,

gas well gas produced from gas wells and residue gas

resulting from processing both casinghead gas and gas well


1.3 A "day" shall mean that period of time beginning at

nine (9) a.m. (CT)on each calendar day and ending at nine (9)

a.m. (CT) on the following calendar day.

1.4 "Business Day" shall mean Monday through Friday,

excluding Federal Banking Holidays for transactions in the

U.S., and similar holidays for transactions occurring in

Canada and Mexico.

1.5 "Month" shall mean the period extending from nine

(9) a.m. (CT) on the first day of one calendar month to nine

(9) a.m.(CT) on the first day of the next succeeding calendar

month, both inclusive, except that the first "month" shall

commence on the day of initial delivery of gas hereunder and

shall end at nine (9) a.m. (CT) on the next succeeding first

day of a calendar month.

1.6 A "year" shall mean a period consisting of

three-hundred-sixty-five (365) consecutive days, commencing

and ending at nine (9:00) a.m. (CT); provided, however, that

any such year which contains the date of February 29 shall

consist of three-hundred-sixty-six (366) consecutive days.

1.7 "Cubic feet" or "cubic foot" shall mean the

volume of gas which occupies one (1) cubic foot of space at a

temperature of sixty degrees (60ø) Fahrenheit and an absolute

dry pressure of fourteen and seventy-three hundredths (14.73)

pounds per square inch absolute.

1.8 "Intra-Day Nomination" shall mean a nomination

submitted after the Timely Nomination Cycle whose effective time

is no earlier than the beginning of the gas day and runs

through the end of that gas day.