Bluewater Gas Storage, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/13/2008, Docket: RP09-75-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 114 First Revised Sheet No. 114

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 114







Any Customer under Rate Schedules FSS, NNSS, FP or FL may seek

to release to others any or all of its firm service entitlements

on a full Day or an intraday basis, on a permanent or a temporary

basis, and on a firm or recallable basis, subject to the following

terms and conditions:


4.1 Notice of Offer. A Customer offering to release firm

service entitlements shall post the terms of its proposed release

on BLUEWATER's Internet Web Site by the posting deadline as

determined pursuant to Section 4.3 herein. If Customer is unable

to post such information on BLUEWATER's Internet Web Site,

Customer shall notify BLUEWATER via the Internet Web Site of the

terms of its offer, by the posting deadline as determined pursuant

to Section 4.3 herein, and BLUEWATER will post this information on

the Internet Web Site. The Customer may propose a designated Pre-

arranged Replacement Customer to which the capacity would be

released. Offers shall be binding unless written or electronic

notice of withdrawal is received by BLUEWATER prior to the close

of the applicable bid period; provided, however, such withdrawal

shall only be valid if such Customer has an unanticipated

requirement for such capacity and no minimum bid has been made.

The notice must contain the reason for withdrawal which BLUEWATER

shall post on the Internet Web Site. The offer shall contain the

following minimum information:


(a) Customer's legal name and the name/title of

individual who has authorized the offer to release;


(b) BLUEWATER's Storage Service Agreement number;


(c) A description of the capacity to be released,

including the Maximum Storage Quantity, No-Notice Maximum Daily

Quantity, Maximum Park Quantity or Maximum Loan Quantity, as

applicable, and the Maximum Daily Receipt Quantity, the Maximum

Daily Delivery Quantity, the Maximum Daily Injection Quantity, and

the Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity and the associated Point(s)

of Receipt and Point(s) of Delivery (Replacement Customer may

request changes to such Receipt and Delivery Point(s) subject to

the proposed release and subject to the daily quantity limitations

described in Section 4.2 below);


(d) The proposed effective date and term of the



(e) The identity of any designated Pre-arranged

Replacement Customer (pursuant to Section 4.4), whether the Pre-

arranged Replacement Customer is an asset manager (as defined by

FERC regulations at 18 C.F.R. 284.8(h)(3)) or marketer

participating in a state-regulated retail access program (as

defined by FERC regulations at 18 C.F.R. 284.8(h)(4)), and the

full terms of such pre-arranged release;