Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 200 Original Sheet No. 200 : Effective




28.1 Shared Revenue Determination. After twelve (12) Months of

operations, and then as of the end of the same Month of each

succeeding calendar year, Pipeline will compare Shared Revenues

received during the prior Accrual Period with Mitigation Costs.

Shared Revenues for the Accrual Period that exceed the Mitigation

Costs will be credited to firm Shippers under Section 28.2.


(a) Shared Revenues shall be calculated for each Accrual Period

and shall equal revenues, net of all variable costs,

surcharges, penalties, and facility charges, received by

Pipeline during the Accrual Period: (i) under Rate Schedule

FT Short Term Service Agreements; (ii) under Rate Schedule

FT Section 3.3(c) for quantities in excess of MDTQ; (iii)

in excess of the discounted revenues under the discounted

Long Term Service Agreement that formed the basis of the

discount rate adjustment developed as part of the

settlement rates filed in Docket Nos. CP06-71-000, CP06-72-

000, and CP06-73-000; (iv) under Rate Schedule IT; (v)

under Rate Schedule FT Section 3.3(d); and (vi) under Rate

Schedule PAL.


(b) Mitigation Costs. In each Accrual Period, Mitigation Costs

shall equal $710,787.


28.2 Shared Revenue Disposition. Shipper’s revenue credit shall be in

proportion to the total revenues paid by Shipper under Rate

Schedule FT to the total revenues received by Pipeline under Rate

Schedule FT during the Accrual Period. Such credit shall be made

to Shipper invoices within three (3) Months following the end of

the Accrual Period.


28.3 Filing with the Commission. Within three (3) Months following

the end of the Accrual Period, Pipeline shall file with the

Commission a report containing the interruptible transportation

revenue credit sharing calculations.