Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 193 Original Sheet No. 193 : Effective


23.3 In the event that any interconnecting party involved in handling

Shipper’s gas refuses or is unable to: (i) deliver gas to

Pipeline or receive gas from Pipeline; (ii) deliver gas of

conforming quality under GT&Cs Section 6; or (iii) provide

adequate pressure under GT&Cs Section 7, Pipeline shall not be

required to continue deliveries or receipts of gas on behalf of

Shipper to the extent of such refusal or inability.


23.4 Scheduling of Maintenance. Pipeline shall have the right to

curtail, interrupt, or discontinue service in whole or in part on

all or a portion of its system from time to time to repair and

perform maintenance on its system as necessary to maintain the

system’s operational capability or to comply with applicable

regulatory or other governmental requirements. Pipeline shall

exercise Good Utility Practice to schedule repair and maintenance

to minimize disruptions of service to Shippers and shall provide

reasonable notice of same to Shippers.


23.5 Neither Pipeline, Shipper, Delivery Point Operator, nor Pooler

shall be liable to another party for any special, punitive,

indirect, or consequential damages (including, without

limitation, loss of profits or business interruptions) arising

out of or in any manner related to service or pooling under this



23.6 Reservation Charge Adjustment.


(a) In the event Pipeline fails to deliver on any Gas Day at

least 98% of the quantity of gas scheduled that Pipeline is

obligated to deliver on a firm basis, an affected Shipper

shall be credited an amount equal to the Reservation Rate

on a 100% daily load factor basis multiplied by the

quantity of gas scheduled and not delivered. In the case

of a Service Agreement containing a discounted Reservation

Rate, the 100% daily load factor Reservation Rate shall be

discounted in the same proportion such Reservation Rate is

discounted from the maximum Reservation Rate.


(b) Pipeline shall not be obligated to credit Shipper’s account

under (a) above, when the failure is the result of:


(1) Shipper’s conduct or the conduct of the Point

Operator of the facilities at the Delivery Point;


(2) Shipper’s failure to supply quantities of gas at

least equal to Shipper’s scheduled receipt quantity;


(3) Pipeline having an OFO in effect on such day;