Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 187 Original Sheet No. 187 : Effective


(c) If payment differs from invoiced amount, including for

Section 21.7 invoice disputes, remittance detail shall be

provided with the payment, except when payment is made by

electronic funds transfer, in which case the remittance

detail is due within two (2) Business Days of the date of

the payment. The party receiving payment shall apply

payment as specified in any supporting documentation

provided by the paying party.


21.6 Interest. If Shipper fails to pay timely all of the undisputed

amount of any invoice, or if Shipper fails to pay any disputed

amount to the extent it is finally determined to be due, interest

on the underpayment shall accrue at a rate equal to the rate in

18 C.F.R. § 154.501(d) from the payment due date until the date

of payment.


21.7 Disputes. If Shipper in good faith disputes the amount of any

invoice, Shipper shall inform Pipeline of its dispute, including

documentation identifying the basis of dispute. To avoid

suspension or termination of service under Section 21.8, Shipper

shall either: (i) pay timely to Pipeline the full amount of such

invoice, subject to refund as provided in Section 21.3, or (ii)

pay timely to Pipeline such amount as Shipper concedes to be

correct and, at any time thereafter within 30 days of a demand

made by Pipeline, furnish good and sufficient surety bond from a

surety having an A. M. Best credit rating of “A” or better and

otherwise acceptable to Pipeline, guaranteeing payment to

Pipeline of the amount finally determined to be due. If Shipper

posts a surety bond and the amount finally determined to be due

is the amount that Shipper asserted in its documentation as being

the correct amount due, Pipeline shall reimburse Shipper for the

amount of the premium paid for the surety bond obtained by

Shipper. On payment of such invoice in full or the continued

furnishing of such bond by Shipper, Pipeline shall not suspend or

terminate service under Section 21.8, pending a determination of

the final amount due.


21.8 Service Suspension or Termination.


(a) Pipeline may suspend or terminate its provision of service

on a finding that Shipper is no longer creditworthy, on

Shipper’s failure to pay under this Section 21, or on

Shipper’s other default under its Service Agreement or the