Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 170 Original Sheet No. 170 : Effective


17.5 Timelines for Non-Standard Releases. If the Releasing Shipper

specifies a bid evaluation methodology other than highest rate,

net revenue, or NPV, or specifies any other special terms or

conditions, one (1) additional Business Day will be added to the

evaluation period. Such extended evaluation period may cause gas

flow to be at least one (1) Gas Day later than gas could flow

under the timelines in Section 17.4.


17.6 Bidding on Released Capacity.


(a) Bids on an offer of capacity release shall be made

electronically through the Internet Website and shall

include the following information:


(1) the rate and basis of the rate;


(2) the quantity and whether a lesser quantity if awarded

would be acceptable;


(3) the start and end dates of the bid and whether a

shorter term within the start and end dates is



(4) whether the bid contains a contingency;


(5) additional terms and conditions that are objective

and non-discriminatory.


(b) Before it may submit a bid for released capacity or be

eligible for a prearranged capacity release transaction,

Bidder must have executed a Capacity Release Umbrella

Service Agreement and must comply with the creditworthiness

provisions in GT&Cs Section 3.


(c) Pipeline will use an open bidding format and will post each

bid meeting the minimum conditions stated in Releasing

Shipper’s offer, provided that Bidders’ names shall not be



(d) Bids remain binding through the end of the bid period

unless withdrawn by Bidder. Bidder may make an upward

revision to or withdraw its bid during the bid period;

provided, however, that Pipeline will allow any Prearranged

Replacement Shipper to match the best bid after the close

of the bid period. Bidder shall not use its ability to

withdraw its bid in order to submit a lower bid.