Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 167 Original Sheet No. 167 : Effective


(5) whether contingent bids will be accepted and, if so,

the extent of the time period each contingent Bidder

will be allowed to eliminate the contingency;

provided that the time for eliminating a contingency

shall not extend beyond the time deadline for posting

the award;


(6) expiration of the matching period, subject to the

applicable timeline in this Section 17; and


(7) for a permanent release, whether Releasing Shipper is

willing to pay the Replacement Shipper consideration

for the release, and, if so, the form of, and any

limits on, the amount of acceptable consideration.


(c) Releasing Shipper’s bid evaluation method shall be stated

objectively, applicable to all Replacement Shippers, and

not unduly discriminatory. The method shall enable

Pipeline to rank bids received by using the weight assigned

by Releasing Shipper to each element of Releasing Shipper’s



(d) If an initial Releasing Shipper retained a right of recall

on released capacity, any secondary release of such

released capacity must be subject to that right of recall.


(e) Any Releasing Shipper will have the right to withdraw its

offer any time prior to the close of the bid period

associated with such Releasing Shipper’s offer where

unanticipated circumstances justify the withdrawal and no

bids meeting the minimum conditions of Releasing Shipper’s

offer yet have been made. Releasing Shipper’s offer will

be legally binding on Releasing Shipper until Pipeline

receives written or electronic notice of withdrawal.


(f) A secondary release of capacity may not operate to release

greater capacity rights than were acquired by the Releasing



17.4 Timelines for Standard Capacity Releases. The following capacity

release timelines are applicable to standard capacity releases

not subject to special terms or conditions. The duration of

Shipper’s proposed release determines the minimum bid period for

Releasing Shipper’s offer under this Section 17.4. [Note: all

times are specified as CCT, not Eastern Clock Time]