Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 141 Original Sheet No. 141 : Effective


(g) Unless otherwise agreed by Point Operator and Pipeline, the

Total Heating Value shall be measured by methods in

accordance with acceptable industry practice, such as, but

not limited to, recording calorimeters or gas

chromatographs located in Pipeline’s sole judgment at

appropriate points. Pipeline shall not be obligated to

install such Total Heating Value measuring equipment at any

given point. The arithmetic average of the heating value

recorded each Gas Day, or other periodic measurements

within a shorter time frame as Pipeline shall select, shall

be used for computations.


8.2 Measurement Operations and Equipment. Pipeline will be

responsible for and perform Measurement Operations at its

facilities. However, Pipeline, in its discretion, may allow

Delivery Point Operators or third parties the right to perform

Measurement Operations, provided that such Point Operator or

third party: (i) furnishes to Pipeline all data required for flow

computation, (ii) meets applicable regulatory requirements, and

(iii) meets Pipeline’s measurement, communications, and operating

standards; and provided, further, that such Point Operator or

third party performing such Measurement Operations shall be

responsible for any and all associated costs of such Measurement

Operations unless otherwise agreed by Point Operator or third

party and Pipeline. Measurement equipment shall consist of the

necessary metering devices, designed and installed in accordance

with published recommendations of the AGA approved by Pipeline.

Measurement related equipment shall be installed, operated, and

maintained at or on each interconnection of Pipeline’s system

with facilities of third parties.


8.3 Access to Equipment and Records. Pipeline will give Point

Operator prior notice to permit Point Operator to witness, at its

expense, any testing done in connection with the equipment used

in measuring receipts and deliveries at Point Operator’s point.

The records from such measurement equipment shall remain the

property of their owner, but on request each party shall submit

to the other true and correct copies of its records and charts,

together with calculations therefrom, for inspection and

verification. On written request and agreement, Pipeline may

allow a Point Operator to install measurement transducers on

Pipeline’s facilities, as well as to provide a pulse output if

necessary for Point Operator check measurement, at Point

Operator’s expense in accordance with Pipeline’s direction. All

Point Operator equipment shall be isolated electrically from

Pipeline’s facilities and shall be terminated outside Pipeline’s

facilities. If Pipeline determines that any installed Point

Operator equipment is interfering with Pipeline’s operations,

Pipeline may remove such equipment from Pipeline’s facilities.