Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 136 Original Sheet No. 136 : Effective


(b) Hydrogen Sulfide. The gas shall not contain more than

three-tenths (0.3) grain of hydrogen sulfide per 100 CF.


(c) Total Sulphur. The gas shall not contain more than 20

grains of total sulphur, excluding any mercaptan sulphur,

per 100 CF. The sulphur content and hydrogen sulphide

content of the gas shall be determined by approved standard

methods generally used in the natural gas industry.


(d) Temperature. The gas received by Pipeline shall not have a

temperature of more than 120º Fahrenheit.


(e) Water Vapor. Gas received into Pipeline’s system shall not

contain in excess of seven (7) pounds of water vapor per

1,000 Mcf.


(f) Microbiological Agents. Neither the gas nor any liquids

with the gas shall contain any microbiological organism,

active bacteria, or bacterial agent capable of contributing

to or causing corrosion, operational, or other problems.

Microbiological organisms, bacteria, or bacterial agents

include, but are not limited to, sulfate reducing bacteria

and acid producing bacteria.


6.5 Non-conforming Gas.


(a) If the gas tendered to Pipeline for Shipper’s account under

a Service Agreement shall fail at any time to conform to

any of the specifications in this Section 6 or the tariff

of any interconnecting NGA natural-gas company, or if in

Pipeline’s reasonable judgment the gas may cause harm to

Pipeline’s facilities or diminish the quality of gas in its

system, Pipeline shall have the right, after giving notice

to Shipper, to refuse to accept all or any portion of non-

conforming gas. In the event Pipeline refuses to accept

gas tendered by Shipper because such gas does not conform

to the specifications herein, Shipper nevertheless shall

not be relieved of its obligation to pay any Reservation

Rate provided for in Shipper’s Service Agreement. If the

gas tendered by Pipeline for Shipper’s account shall fail

at any time to conform to specifications in this Section 6,

Shipper shall notify Pipeline of such deficiency and may,

at its option, refuse to accept delivery pending correction

by Pipeline.