Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 107 Original Sheet No. 107 : Effective


“Elapsed-Prorated-Scheduled Quantity” shall mean that portion of the

scheduled quantity that theoretically would have flowed up to the

effective time of the intraday nomination being confirmed, based on a

cumulative uniform hourly quantity for each nomination period affected.

Elapsed-Prorated-Scheduled Quantity will apply to all nomination

decreases submitted in intraday nomination cycles.


“Emergency Response OFO” shall mean an OFO requiring immediate actions

or measures to neutralize or reduce threats or otherwise preserve the

integrity of all or a portion of Pipeline’s system, as determined by

Pipeline in its sole discretion.


“First Day Rate” shall mean the rate applicable on the first Gas Day of

a park and loan transaction.


“Fuel Retainage Percentage” (“FRP”) shall mean a percentage, stated in

the Summary of Rates and Charges of this Tariff, calculated by adding

the applicable LAUF Percentage and Company Use Percentage.


“Fuel Retainage Quantity” (“FRQ”) shall mean the amount of gas retained

at a Receipt Point for quantities delivered for Shipper’s account,

calculated using the applicable Fuel Retainage Percentage.


“GAAP” shall mean Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


“Gas Day” shall mean a period of 24 consecutive hours, beginning at

9:00 A.M. CCT.


“Good Utility Practice” shall mean any practices, methods, and acts

required by applicable law or regulation, or engaged in or approved by

a significant portion of the natural gas industry during the relevant

time period, or any of the practices, methods, and acts which, in the

exercise of reasonable judgment in the light of facts known at the time

the decision was made, could have been expected to accomplish the

desired result at a reasonable cost consistent with good business

practices, reliability, safety, and expedition. Good Utility Practice

does not require use of, and is not intended to be limited to, the

optimum practice, method, or act to the exclusion of others, but

instead only requires use of a spectrum of practices, methods, or acts

generally accepted in the geographical region where Pipeline’s

facilities are located.