Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2006, Docket: CP06- 71-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 106 Original Sheet No. 106 : Effective


“Commission” shall mean the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

(“FERC”) of the United States Department of Energy, or any successor

regulatory authority having jurisdiction over Pipeline under the NGA.


“Company Use Gas” shall mean gas attributable to fuel, including

compressor and heater fuel, and gas attributable to maintenance use.


“Company Use Percentage” shall mean a percentage stated in the Summary

of Rates and Charges of this Tariff and calculated in GT&Cs Section



“Cubic Foot” or “Cubic Feet” (“CF”) shall mean the quantity of natural

gas that occupies one (1) cubic foot of volume at the volumetric

measurement base, which shall be one (1) cubic foot of natural gas at a

pressure base of 14.73 pounds per square inch absolute, a temperature

base of 60° Fahrenheit, and without adjustment for water vapor content.


“Daily Gas Index Price” shall mean the arithmetic average of:


(i) Natural Gas Intelligence Daily Gas Price Index, Louisiana,

Southern Natural; and


(ii) Natural Gas Intelligence Daily Gas Price Index, Louisiana,

Transco St. 65.


If no index for a Gas Day is published, the price will be computed as

the average of the applicable indices on the closest index publication

date preceding and the closest index publication date following such

Gas Day. In the event that an index ceases to be published, Pipeline

will post on its Internet Website a replacement index, and will file to

amend its Tariff to reflect such index.


“Dekatherm” (“Dt”) shall mean the quantity of heat energy that is

equivalent to 1,000,000 British Thermal Units.


“Delivery Point” shall mean a point, including an Area Point, at which

gas leaves Pipeline’s system, completing the transportation service

transaction between Pipeline and Shipper.


“Delivery Point Operator” or “Point Operator” shall mean an entity

interconnected with Pipeline’s facilities, or acting as agent for the

interconnected entity, that is authorized to confirm nominations and

allocate deliveries of gas at a Delivery Point and is able to control

or cause the control of the physical operation of the facilities

interconnected with Pipeline.