Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/25/2009, Docket: RP09-296-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 22 Second Revised Sheet No. 22

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 22


(d) If facilities would need to be constructed under (b) and

(c) above, Pipeline will hold an open season under GT&Cs

Section 5 and will consider additional requests for service

under GT&Cs Section 2.


2.7 Shipper’s MDTQ shall be a uniform quantity throughout the

contract term, except that Pipeline may, on a not unduly

discriminatory basis, agree to sell the capacity made available

each month of May through October by Summer Mitigation pursuant

to GT&Cs section 24, including on a multi-year basis. Shipper’s

MDTQ and any differing levels in MDTQ resulting from the sale of

capacity made available by Summer Mitigation, as well as the

period of such differing MDTQ levels, shall be specified in

Shipper’s Rate Schedule FT Service Agreement. To the extent

Pipeline and Shipper mutually agree to service at the applicable

maximum rates with differing levels in MDTQ as described above,

for a contract term extending more than one (1) year from the

effective date of the Service Agreement, then such Shipper upon

expiration of the Service Agreement may exercise its right of

first refusal, to the extent that the Pipeline’s Tariff continues

to provide for Summer Mitigation and sufficient capacity

continues to be available there under, by complying with the

provisions of GT&Cs Section 4, provided however, partial

reductions proposed by the Shipper must be a uniform percentage

reduction throughout each month of the contract year or as

mutually agreed by Pipeline and Shipper on a non-discriminatory





3.1 The Summary of Rates and Charges of this Tariff sets forth the

Recourse Rates applicable to service provided under this rate

schedule, and the range represented by the maximum and minimum

rates stated for each such service. Shipper shall pay the

Recourse Rates for service under this rate schedule unless

Pipeline, in its reasonable judgment, offers to discount its

rates to Shipper under GT&Cs Section 30, or unless the parties

have agreed to a Negotiated Rate under GT&Cs Section 29. Any

discount or Negotiated Rate agreed to by Pipeline, and the

effective period thereof, shall be stated on an executed Exhibit

C to the Service Agreement. The rates for service under this

rate schedule shall not be discounted below the applicable

minimum rates stated in the Summary of Rates and Charges.


3.2 The rates in this rate schedule are subject to adjustment under

GT&Cs Sections 25-27.


3.3 Pipeline shall charge Shipper and Shipper shall pay Pipeline each

Month the sum of the following amounts:


(a) Reservation Charges. For each zone, the applicable

Reservation Rate, as determined under Section 3.1 herein,

multiplied by Shipper’s MDTQ.