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Effective Date: 05/01/2004, Docket: RP04-224-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 111 Original Sheet No. 111 : Effective









22.1 Applicability. Transporter will post available unsubscribed

capacity and capacity that becomes available due to expiring or

terminating agreements on a nondiscriminatory basis. When used in

this Section 22, capacity available under Rate Schedule FT-1 means

firm capacity at a primary receipt point and a primary delivery point

and the mainline capacity between those points.


22.2 Posting.


(a) Unsubscribed Capacity. Transporter will post unsubscribed

capacity (capacity that becomes available for reasons other than

expiring or terminating agreements) for a bid period(s) of no less

than 24 hours and, in aggregate, no more than six months. If

Transporter elects to reserve unsubscribed capacity as provided in

Section 22.2(c) below, Transporter will post such capacity as

provided in this Section 22.2(a) for use on an interim basis, but

Transporter will indicate in its posting that such capacity is

reserved for future use.


(b) Capacity under Expiring or Terminating Agreements. Transporter

will post capacity under expiring or terminating service

agreements (including capacity that becomes available at the

expiration of a Capacity Release service agreement when such

capacity is not committed to the Releasing Shipper) for a bid

period commencing at least six (6) months before the expiration or

termination of any such service agreement and ending at least

thirty (30) days prior to said expiration or termination date. If

the termination notice required under any such service agreement

is less than six (6) months, Transporter will post the

availability of such capacity within five (5) business days of

receiving or giving such notice, as applicable, for an aggregate

bid period of no more than six (6) months, and


(i) for termination notices of 30 days or more, a bid period

of no less than 72 hours;


(ii) for termination notices of less than 30 days, but more

than 10 days, a bid period no less than 48 hours; and


(iii) for termination notices of 10 days or less, a bid period

no less than 24 hours.