B-R Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2004, Docket: RP04-224-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 79 Original Sheet No. 79 : Effective








(c) Transporter will not be liable for any losses incurred by a

Shipper if a Shipper is unable to complete an imbalance trade

once Shipper has notified Transporter of his desire to consummate

an imbalance trade.


(d) Any imbalance gas being traded will still be deemed to be

imbalance gas and will be subject to: (1) scheduling provisions in

Section 13; (2) the priority of service provisions in Section 12;

and (3) the penalty provisions in Section 14.


14.10 Assessment of Shipper Imbalance Penalties. Shipper shall have

fifteen non-entitlement days from the date of Transporter's invoice to

adjust excess Shipper Imbalances as described in Section 14.7 to

allowed tolerance levels or be subject to the following:


(a) For excess Shipper Imbalances resulting from confirmed

nominations for deliveries by Transporter exceeding confirmed

Shipper nominations for receipts from an interconnecting

pipeline, Shipper will pay a penalty of the greater of $25.00 per

Dth or two times the first of next month's index price at Sumas,

Washington, such penalty to be payable within 10 days after

receipt of any assessment from Transporter.


(b) For excess Shipper Imbalances resulting from confirmed

nominations for receipt from Shipper exceeding confirmed

nominations for deliveries by Transporter any such excess volumes

shall become the property of Transporter at no cost to

Transporter and shall be free and clear of any adverse claims

related thereto.


Transporter shall exempt Shippers from Shipper Imbalance

penalties resulting from OFO compliance and provide an additional

30 days to correct OFO-related Shipper Imbalances.


No penalty under this section shall be imposed unless Transporter's

system is imperiled and notice of such system imperilment has been

given to Shipper(s).


14.11 Assessment of Charges on Imbalances at Termination of Service

Agreement. Transporter and Shipper shall eliminate any cumulative

imbalances between receipts and deliveries of gas existing at the

termination of a Service Agreement within fifteen non-entitlement days

after the date of Transporter's invoice. At the end of the fifteen