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Effective Date: 05/01/2004, Docket: RP04-224-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 65 Original Sheet No. 65 : Effective






13.5 Declared Entitlement Period: A Declared Entitlement Period is a

time period, declared by Transporter, during which unauthorized overrun

or underrun provisions apply as a result of an interruption or

curtailment due to capacity constraints, supply interruptions, or the

existence of any undertake or overtake situation which jeopardizes system

integrity. As early as reasonably possible, but no later than two hours

prior to commencement of the gas day, Transporter will notify Receiving

Party when a Declared Entitlement Period is in effect. Transporter may

not announce a Declared Entitlement for the coming gas day after close of

the confirmation process on the day prior to such gas day unless (i)

Transporter has given a warning based on available data, posted to

Transporter's web site and noted in a Receiving Party's or Shipper's

confirmation notice, prior to the close of such confirmation period, of

the possibility of a Declared Entitlement, or (ii) changes to operational

circumstances or data occur after the close of such confirmation process

which Transporter determines required Declared Entitlements.


Operating conditions that may trigger post-confirmation, same-day

entitlements are extensive supply failure, storage facility failure,

pipeline or compression failure, excess linepack drafting, unexpected and

extremely cold weather, or firm curtailment. Transporter will provide

Shippers with actual notice of such operating conditions in the form of a

telephone call or a facsimile.


Transporter will identify that portion of the system contributing to the

operation problem or will identify specific Receiving Party(s) deviating

from daily nominations for the previous day by at least 10% and will

announce that a Declared Entitlement Period will apply only to that

portion of the system or to such Receiving Party(s). Due to operational

constraints on Transporter's system, there may be instances when a

Declared Entitlement Period will apply to Transporter's entire system.

Transporter will specify the entitlement as either an overrun or an

underrun entitlement for Receiving Party. If deliveries to Receiving

Party or Shipper exceed scheduled and authorized volumes during any day

that such Declared Entitlement Period is in effect or deliveries are less

than authorized volumes in an undertake situation, the unauthorized

overrun or underrun charge provisions as described in Section 14 of the

General Terms and Conditions will apply.


The provisions of Section 13.2, Nominations Changes After the Start of

the Gas Day, are applicable to allow Shippers to adjust receipts and/or

deliveries as necessary during such Declared Entitlement Period.