B-R Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2004, Docket: RP04-224-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 23 Original Sheet No. 23 : Effective







Except where the context expressly establishes another meaning, the

following terms when used in this Tariff and in a Service Agreement or

other agreement with Transporter incorporating said Tariff will have the

following meanings:


1.1 Agent: Any party retained by Service Requester for purposes of

administering Service Requester's Service Agreement with Transporter. An

Agent has only those rights designated in writing to Transporter by such

Service Requester.


1.2 Balancing Nomination: A separately identified Nomination to resolve

or reduce imbalance(s) with Transporter.


1.3 Begin Date: The Gas Day specified by Service Requester when a

transaction is to begin.


1.4 British Thermal Unit ("Btu"): As defined in the American Gas

Association Report No. 3, as revised from time to time. "Standardize the

reporting basis for Btu as 14.73 psia and 60 degrees F (101.325 kPa and

15 degrees C, and dry). Standardize the reporting basis for gigacalorie

as 1.035646 Kg/cm2 and 15.6 degrees C and dry. Standardize the reporting

basis for gas volumes as cubic foot at standard conditions of 14.73 psia,

60 degrees, F and dry. For gas volumes reported in cubic meters, the

standard conditions are 101.325 kPa, 15 degrees C, and dry." NAESB

Definition 2.3.9.


1.5 Business Day: "Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Banking

Holidays for transactions in the U.S., and similar holidays for

transactions occurring in Canada and Mexico." NAESB Definition 3.2.1


1.6 Commission: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or any

successor entity thereto.


1.7 Confirmation Requester: "A Confirmation Requester is a Service

Provider (including a Point Operator) which is seeking to confirm a

quantity of gas via the information outlined in NAESB Standard 1.4.3 with

another Service Provider (the Confirming Party) with respect to a

nomination at a location." NAESB Definition 1.2.8.