Blue Lake Gas Storage Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/16/2009, Docket: RP09-220-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 15 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 15

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 15








Any Customer or Replacement Customer under Rate Schedule FS shall be entitled to

release all or a portion of its capacity to Seller or resale. Additionally, Customer

may release its capacity on a volumetric basis. Any Customer or Replacement Customer

releasing capacity will be designated a Releasing Customer. Any person purchasing

released capacity shall be designated a Replacement Customer. Any Customer that wants

to release capacity must notify Seller that it wants to release capacity and the terms

and conditions of such release.


8.1(a) PROCEDURE FOR MAKING OFFER TO RELEASE. Releasing Customer shall communicate

its release notice through Seller's Internet Site. The Releasing Customer

shall submit the following information, objectively stated and applicable to

all potential Customers on a non-discriminatory basis:


(1) the pricing provisions of the offer to release (releases longer than

one (1) year are subject to the limits of Seller's Maximum Rate) and

whether bids should be denominated in dollars and cents or as a

percentage of Maximum Tariff Rate; any Maximum/Minimum Rates

specified by the releasing shipper should include the Tariff

Reservation Rate and all demand surcharges as a total number or as

stated separately;


If the release is for a term of one (1) year or less and is to take

effect on or before one (1) year from the date on which the Seller

is notified of the release, the Deliverability Rate, Capacity Rate,

volumetric rate or percentage of the maximum tariff rate for

capacity released and assigned may exceed the maximum

Deliverability Rate, maximum Capacity Rate or volumetric rate for

the service being released.


Payments or other consideration exchanged between the Releasing

Customer and Replacement Customer in a release to an asset manager

as described in Subsection 8.1(f) are not subject to the maximum



(2) the specific quantity to be released expressed in Dth; the basis for

released quantity should be per Day for Storage Injection/Withdrawal,

and a per-release quantity for Storage capacity and total release

period quantity;


(3) the duration of release or term including any right to recall;