Black Marlin Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/01/2003, Docket: RP03-472-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 213B Fifth Revised Sheet No. 213B : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 213B





The following shall be posted by Transporter with each offer: (i) the

maximum reservation charge, (and reservation surcharges) applicable

to the capacity being released, (ii) the maximum reservation charge

(and reservation surcharges) converted to a 100% load factor

volumetric rate if offer allows bids on a volumetric rate basis,

(iii) the date and time the offer was posted on Transporter's

Internet web site. A Releasing Shipper will not be able to specify

an extension of the original bid period or the prearranged deal match

period without posting a new release. Transporter shall remove any

such postings at the end of the calendar month.


Once capacity is posted on the Transporter's Internet web site, it

may be withdrawn from the bidding process any time due to an

unanticipated change in the Releasing Shipper's need for capacity,

through written notice to Transporter so long as no bids have been

submitted which meet the minimum conditions of release. Offers should

be binding until written or electronic notice of withdrawal is

received by the capacity release service provider. The Releasing

Shipper must notify Transporter of such change and such notice will

be posted on Transporter's Internet web site.


10.1 B. Shippers desiring to acquire the released capacity shall submit the

following information to Transporter. The information in (iii)-(vi)

shall be placed on the Transporter's Internet web site if valid. Bids

to acquire released capacity are binding until withdrawn at any time

by written notice to Transporter prior to the conclusion of the

bidding period. Provided that having withdrawn a bid, the Shipper

may not resubmit a bid for the same contract at a lower rate.

Transporter shall post the bidder's name if bidder agrees to such



i. Company Information. Unless already provided, an acquiring

Shipper must submit the information specified in Section

4.1(a)-(e) of the FTS Rate Schedule;


ii. Creditworthiness. Unless previously determined to be

creditworthy by Transporter, Shipper shall provide the

information necessary to establish creditworthiness to acquire

the relinquished capacity;


iii. Quantity (MDTQ) of released capacity to be acquired;