Black Marlin Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2003, Docket: RP00-335-003, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 212 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 212 : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 212




1. Firm transportation from Primary Receipt Points to Primary Delivery Points

within the MDTQ specified in Shippers' FTS Service Agreement, including capacity

acquired through the capacity release mechanism set forth in Section 10 herein.


2. Alternate Firm transportation within the MDTQ specified in Shipper's FTS Service

Agreement utilizing either an Alternate Receipt or Alternate Delivery Point.


3. Interruptible transportation within the MDTQ specified in Shippers' ITS Service

Agreement if sufficient capacity exists or becomes available to accommodate all

nominated volumes. In the event nominations exceed available capacity,

Transporter will schedule volumes based on the rate being paid. If two or more

Shippers are paying the same rate, then a pro rata allocation will be made.


4. Transportation quantities requested by Shippers in excess of the MDTQ in

Shipper's FTS or ITS Service Agreement.


Shippers not paying the maximum transportation rates set forth on Sheet No. 4 will be

scheduled with a lower priority, beginning with the Shippers paying the highest

discounted rate within each scheduling category described in (3) and (4) above,

unless and until Shipper notifies Transporter in writing that Shipper is willing to

pay such Maximum Rate for any quantity scheduled.


Transporter shall notify affected Shippers, point operators and bumped parties, on or

before the times established in the Nomination Cycles set forth in Section 9.1.B(1)

and (2), of the quantities of gas scheduled, including intraday nominations and other

changes, for receipt from and delivery to or for the account of Shipper. At the end

of each gas day, Transporter shall provide the final scheduled quantities for the

just completed gas day. With respect to the implementation of this process via the

1.4.x scheduled quantity related standards, Transporter shall send an end of gas day

Scheduled Quantity document. Receivers of the end of gas day Scheduled Quantity

document can waive Transporter's sending of the end of gas day Scheduled Quantity

document. In addition, Transporter shall provide direct notice of any bumped

quantities using Internet E-mail or direct notification to interruptible Shipper's

Internet URL address. Shipper is responsible for providing current addresses to

Transporter. Failure of Shipper to maintain current addresses on file with

Transporter will relieve Transporter of this obligation.