Black Marlin Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/1990, Docket: CP89-2041-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 207 Original Sheet No. 207 : Effective






installed and maintained, and volumes shall be measured in

accordance with the methods prescribed in "Orifice Metering of

Natural Gas", ANSI/API 2530, including the Appendix thereto, as

published December 1985, or any subsequent revision thereof

acceptable to both parties. If turbine meters are used, they

shall be installed and operated in accordance with American Gas

Association Transmission Measurement Committee Report No. 7.

When displacement meters are used, the number of Mcf delivered

hereunder shall be computed by including factors for pressure,

temperature and deviation from Boyle's Law.


4.2 Deviation from Ideal Gas Laws: Correction shall be made for

deviation of the gas from Boyle's Law at the pressure and tem-

perature at which the gas is metered. To determine the factors

for such correction, a quantitative analysis of the gas shall be

agreed upon by both parties or by computations made in accordance

with NX-19 of the American Gas Association and any modifications

and amendments thereof applied in a practical manner.


4.3 Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of the gas delivered

shall be calculated from a chromatographic analysis of a

representative gas sample collected daily during the month, or

any other method mutually agreed upon. Such chromatographs shall

be owned, operated, and maintained by Transporter at repre-

sentative locations on Transporter's system, or as agreed upon.


4.4 Flowing Temperature: The flowing temperature of the gas being

metered shall be determined by means of a recording thermometer

of a type acceptable to both parties, installed and maintained in

accordance with the specifications set forth in said ANSI/API

2530. The arithmetical average of readings each day for time

that gas is flowing shall be deemed the gas temperature and used

in computing the volumes of gas metered during such day.