Kinder Morgan Illinois Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 12/01/2007, Docket: RP08- 34-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 234 Original Sheet No. 234 : Effective






KMIP's system, including issuance of Operational Flow Orders which,

to the extent practicable and where appropriate under the

circumstances, are directed only to the specific Shipper or Shippers

whose actions caused or contributed significantly to the conditions

which required KMIP to issue the Operational Flow Order. KMIP will

issue Operational Flow Orders only if necessary to maintain the

pressure of its System within the range of normal operating

parameters, respond to changes (including anticipated changes) in

weather conditions or respond to or prevent facility outages or

other conditions which could have a detrimental impact on System

reliability or service integrity on its System. Operational Flow

Orders shall be lifted as soon as practicable once such conditions

no longer prevail.


(2) The Operational Flow Order shall identify

with specificity the situation to be addressed and shall (in

addition to mandating specific actions) indicate voluntary actions

by Shippers (increased takes or receipts/decreased takes or

receipts, etc.) which would alleviate such situation. Operational

Flow Orders shall also specify the time when compliance must be

achieved. Such Operational Flow Orders may, subject to Section

32.11, require a Shipper to take any of the following actions, or

similar actions, to the extent such actions would tend to alleviate

the situation to be addressed:


(i) Commence or increase supply inputs

into KMIP's system or at specific points, or shift such supply

inputs (in whole or in part) to different points.


(ii) Cease or reduce supply inputs into

KMIP's system or at specific points.


(iii) Commence or increase takes of gas from

KMIP's system or from specific points, or shift takes to different



(iv) Cease or reduce takes from KMIP's

system or at specific points.


(v) Reconcile transportation imbalances.


(vi) Such other actions as are within

Shipper's control which would tend to alleviate the situation to be