Rockies Express Pipeline LLC (Entrega)

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2007, Docket: CP06-354-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 237 Original Sheet No. 237 : Effective




20. QUALITY OF GAS (Contd.)


20.6 Transporter reserves the right to retain gasoline or any other

substance whatsoever derived from the normal operations of its

system. Title to such recovered products shall pass to the

Company at no cost, and Shipper shall hold Transporter harmless

and free and clear of adverse claims with respect to the same.


In the event Transporter or a third party installs processing on

Transporter's system, Transporter shall hold harmless its Shippers

by not including any volumes of system processing plant shrinkage

in its fuel tracking mechanism, which is defined in Section 38 of

these General Terms and Conditions.


20.7 A. If Transporter notifies any party that the party's Gas does

not conform to this Tariff's Gas quality specifications and

will not be accepted on Transporter's System, and the Party

thereafter delivers non-conforming Gas into Transporter's

System, such Gas will be considered Unauthorized Gas (not

scheduled and confirmed), subject to the Unauthorized

Overrun Service Charges of the applicable rate schedule of

this Tariff, and will become the property of Transporter.

Transporter shall have no obligation to redeliver such Gas

to or for the account of the Party who owned the Gas.


B. In each instance when an Unauthorized Overrun Service Charge

is incurred, Transporter shall have the right to review the

circumstances surrounding the Unauthorized Overrun Service

Charge incurrence and, in its judgment, may waive all or a

portion of the Unauthorized Overrun Service Charges. Any

such waiver shall be granted on a non-discriminatory basis

to all Shippers that incurred an Unauthorized Overrun

Service Charge in that instance. Such waiver, if granted,

shall be posted on Transporter's Interactive Website, as

required by applicable FERC rules and regulations.


20.8 Commingling. Gas delivered by Shipper will be commingled with the

Gas of other Shippers in the System. Accordingly, Shipper's Gas

shall be subject to such changes in Gross Heating Value and other

specifications as may result from such commingling.