Rockies Express Pipeline LLC (Entrega)

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2007, Docket: CP06-354-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 168 Original Sheet No. 168 : Effective





13.1 (Contd.)

D. Transporter's credit appraisal procedures involve the

establishment of dollar credit limits on a standardized,

nondiscriminatory basis. To the extent that a Shipper's

accounts with Transporter do not exceed such limit, and

Shipper has met all creditworthiness requirements as

determined in periodic credit reviews by Transporter, which

reviews may be conducted on at least an annual basis, no

new credit appraisals shall be required when an existing

Agreement is amended or a request for a new Agreement is

made, provided that Shipper's payment history has been

satisfactory and there is no bona fide basis for

questioning Shipper's creditworthiness, subject to the

provisions of Section 3.8 and 13.2 of these General Terms

and Conditions.


E. In the event Transporter constructs new facilities to

accommodate a Shipper, Transporter may require from the

Shipper security in an amount up to the cost of such

facilities. Security hereunder may be in any of the forms

available under Section 13.1B of these General Terms and

Conditions, at Shipper's choice. Transporter is only

permitted to recover the cost of facilities once, either

through rates or through this provision. As Transporter

recovers the cost of these facilities through its rates,

the security required shall be reduced accordingly. Where

facilities are constructed to serve multiple Shippers, an

individual Shipper's obligation hereunder shall be for no

more than its proportionate share of the cost of the

facilities. This provision is in addition to and shall not

supersede or replace any other rights that Transporter may

have regarding the construction and reimbursement of



F. Transporter shall not take any action under this Section

13.1 which conflicts with any order of the U.S. Bankruptcy