Rockies Express Pipeline LLC (Entrega)

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2007, Docket: CP06-354-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 46 Original Sheet No. 46 : Effective








1.1 This Park and Loan Service (PALS) Rate Schedule is an

interruptible service available to any Shipper which:


A. submits to Transporter a valid request for service under

this Rate Schedule PALS as defined in Section 4 hereof and

executes an Agreement for such service (PALS Agreement);



B. enters into one or more valid PALS Request Orders (PALS

RO), as defined in Section 4 hereof which, when executed by

Transporter and Shipper, shall evidence their agreement as

to the terms of the particular transaction(s) to park and

loan Gas pursuant to the PALS Agreement.


1.2 Shipper shall arrange separately with Transporter and others as

necessary for any transportation attendant to the PALS service

provided hereunder, i.e., in delivering Gas to or taking Gas away

from the designated Point(s), and Shipper shall pay separately

for such transportation service.


1.3 Shipper shall provide Transporter with reasonable assurances that

Shipper can satisfactorily perform under an applicable PALS RO.




2.1 This Rate Schedule PALS shall apply to all PALS services which are

rendered by Transporter pursuant to an executed PALS Agreement and

related PALS RO. Under Rate Schedule PALS, a Shipper may nominate

a quantity of Gas at mutually agreeable Point(s) on Transporter's

System, to be parked or loaned by Transporter for a specified

period defined in the PALS RO. It is understood that Transporter

is providing this PALS service hereunder through the use of its

line pack and/or operational Gas; Transporter is not providing a

Gas supply service under this Rate Schedule PALS, nor is

Transporter providing an attendant firm or interruptible

transportation service to or from the PALS point(s). Contracting

for and nominating service to and from the designated Point(s)

shall be the Shipper's sole responsibility.