Rockies Express Pipeline LLC (Entrega)

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/24/2008, Docket: RP06-200-048, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 9I First Revised Sheet No. 9I

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 9I



Applicable to Negotiated Rates


12/ [EOG k552043] The term of this Agreement shall commence on the in-

service date of REX West for firm service (including Interim Service as

defined below) and shall continue until the earlier of: i) the date

ten (10) years from the date REX West is placed in service to the PEPL

point in Audrain County, Missouri, or ii) the effective date of a

superseding REX East Agreement.


In the event Transporter places REX West Facilities in service on a

firm basis, before firm service is available to PEPL-Audrain, but with

interconnections at PINs 42499, 43037 and 43038 ("Interim Service"),

Shipper shall pay an Interim Negotiated Reservation Rate of $21.1091

per Dth per month until service on a firm basis to PEPL-Audrain is

available and Transporter is capable of delivering Shipper's Contract

MDQ to Shipper's Primary Delivery Points.


In the event Transporter is unable to provide Interim Service to

Shipper in an aggregate quantity equal to Shipper's Contract MDQ, then

for any such period of time as Transporter may be unable to provide

such level of Interim Service, Shipper shall pay the Interim Negotiated

Reservation Rate applied to the aggregate quantity of firm service, up

to Shipper's Contract MDQ, that Transporter is able to provide to



During Inerim Service Shipper's quantities have been designated for

receipt and delivery at the following points:


Primary Receipt Point MDRQ

WFSC/REX Opal Lincoln (PIN 43462) 45,243


Primary Delivery Points MDDQ

NGPL/REX Jefferson County Delivery (PIN 42499) 21,456

ANR/REX Brown County (PIN 43038) 23,787


If Interim Service continues for a period greater than twelve

consecutive months, then Shipper's Interim Negotiated Reservation Rate

shall be prospectively reduced to $10.5546 per Dth per month applied to

the aggregate quantity of firm service up to Shipper's Contract MDQ,

that Transporter is able to provide to Shipper from the beginning of

the thirteenth month until full service to PEPL-Audrain is available.


After completion of construction of the REX West facilities until the

in-service date of the REX East initial service, Shipper's Reservation

Rate shall be $24.1508 per Dth of MDQ per month and shall apply to

service provided at the following primary receipt and delivery points:


All primary receipt and delivery points located in Zones 1 and 2

of Transporter's pipeline system, including primary receipt and

delivery points on Transporter's system which are located on the

Overthrust Lease Facilities, as that term is defined in

Transporter's Tariff.


This negotiated rate shall also apply to all Receipt and Delivery

Points within Zones 1 and 2 on a secondary basis, provided that

receipts entering Transporter's system via the Cheyenne Hub Facilities

and/or the Meeker Hub Facilities shall incur a volumetric charge per

Dth equal to the applicable maximum rate for interruptible service and

associated FL&U%, as set forth in this Tariff.