Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2004, Docket: RP96-200-130, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 880 First Revised Sheet No. 880 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 880



Contract Rate Contract Contract Reservation

Shipper Name Number Schedule Demand (Dth) Quantity Charge Commodity Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s)(5)

(Dth/Day)(1) ($/Dth/Month) ($/Dth)

------------------- ---------- -------- ----------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ------------------- ---------------------

Hot Spring Power 1002891 FT 80,000 $2.58542(2) $0.03(3) West 1 Pooling Area Point to be constructed

Company, L.L.C. West 2 Pooling Area off Line BT-1-B at or

1002896 IT 120,000 See (4) below Neutral Pooling Area near Shipper's

40,000 North Pooling Area proposed electric

South Pooling Area generating plant in

Hot Spring County, AR

MRT @ Glendale

TETCO @ Donaldson

NGPL @ Hot Spring

(1) For Period 1 (August 1, 2003 to Service Commencement Date under FT TSA No. 1002891) and Period 2 (for fifteen (15) Years thereafter), respectively.

(2) If pressure at Primary Delivery Point falls below 640 psig target level for reasons other than force majeure, or except during issuance of an OFO, for any

consecutive 48-hour period, thereafter and continuing until target pressure level restored, Reservation Charge (calculated on an assumed 100% load factor unit

basis) to be reduced to zero for each Dth nominated and scheduled (up to MDO) which unable to deliver or receive solely because of pressure level below target.

(3) The Commodity Rate applicable under FT TSA to those Secondary Delivery Points identified below shall be based on the index prices ("Index Prices") for the

applicable daily Midpoint prices for delivery to the pipeline(s) for the area indicated, as reflected in "Gas Daily" (published by Financial Times Energy), for

Day of deliveries. If the information or publication ceases to be published, the parties shall select another mutually agreeable Index Price.

The applicable Index Spread for a particular Secondary Delivery Point, delivery Day and source of receipt shall be (a) the positive difference (if any) between

the Index Prices specified in (1) and (2) below, less (b) the Compressor Fuel Value (if Compressor Fuel charges or retentions apply to the applicable

deliveries). The Compressor Fuel Value shall be calculated by multiplying the Index Price applicable to the delivery Day for the source of the receipts by the

applicable Compressor Fuel percentage (Fuel Use + LUFG percentages), as authorized and in effect from time to time by Transporter's Tariff, and then adding the

applicable Electric Power Cost charge to that product.

(1) The Index Price listed below for such Secondary Delivery Point.

(2) The Index Price, listed below for such source of receipts delivered to such Secondary Delivery Point.

Subject to the other requirements and conditions of the Rate Agreement, the Commodity Rate applicable to gas transported under the FT Agreement to a particular

Secondary Delivery Point on a particular Day shall consist of: (i) the first $0.03 of the applicable Index Spread for such Secondary Delivery Point, such

delivery Day and the applicable source of receipts; plus (ii) 25% of the next $0.1134, if any, of such Index Spread amount (greater than $0.03 but up to and

including $0.1434); plus (iii) 75% of such Index Spread amount in excess of $0.1434. In any event, however, the applicable Commodity Rate for these purposes

shall never be below $0.03 per Dth.

Applicable Secondary Delivery Points Quantity Caps Index Price (published Midpoint) Source of Receipts Index Price (published Midpoint)

------------------------------------ ------------- -------------------------------- ------------------ --------------------------------

ANR @ Custer 40 Mdth/Day ANR (Oklahoma) West 1 and West 2 Oklahoma Panhandle Tx.-Okla.

Panhandle Eastern @ Custer 40 Mdth/Day PEPL (Oklahoma) Pooling Areas CenterPoint (North/South)(Oklahoma)

SONAT @ Perryville 25 Mdth/Day SONAT (Louisiana-Onshore South) Neutral, North and South

Texas Gas @ Perryville 25 Mdth/Day Texas Gas (entire Z1) (E. Texas- Pooling Areas

North Louisiana Area)

Trunkline @ Perryville 25 Mdth/Day Trunkline E. La. (Louisiana-Onshore South)

Texas Eastern @ Perryville 25 Mdth/Day Texas Eastern (E. La.)(Louisiana-Onshore South)

If capacity released, Shipper pays Transporter for any agreed-to Commodity Rate Charges not paid by the replacement Shipper.