Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/28/2003, Docket: RP03-239-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 833 Original Sheet No. 833 : Effective





Contract Rate

Shipper Name Number Schedule Contract Demand 8/ Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s) 2/ 12/ Rate 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 11/ 12/

------------ -------- -------- ----------------- --------------- ------------------------ ---------------------------

GEO Specialty 1000662 FT 800 Dth/D 1/ Shipper's Plant $.2618/Dth (through 3/31/02)

Chemicals Inc. DRN No. 282346 $.2318/Dth (remainder of term)


1/ Shipper shall have access to receipts from Pools and/or points in other Pooling Areas (except for the West 1 Pooling Area) in accordance with the Tariff. The only

receipts eligible for the agreed-to rates from the West 1 Pooling Area shall be from AIRPs (not Pools) excluding any points west or south of Custer, Oklahoma.

2/ Delivery Point (Shipper's plant) located beyond Transporter's facilities on distribution system of Reliant Energy Arkla ("Arkla"), a division of Reliant Energy

Resources Corp., and Transporter arranges for such deliveries through Arkla; Shipper may change Delivery Point to Arkla city gate and/or to a direct tap on

Transporter's system (if requested and approved in accordance with Tariff and Shipper reimburses for costs incurred). Failure of Arkla to receive and/or deliver gas

constitutes force majeure if Delivery Point not changed.

3/ No surcharges or add-ons to less than maximum rates attributable to: GRI, ACA, Order No. 528 and Order No. 636 transition cost surcharges. Shipper shall pay or

provide Compressor Fuel allowances and charges (including EPC), applicable penalties related to curtailments, OFOs, nominations, scheduling, balancing, overruns or

similar tariff charges or construction activities. Shipper responsible for taxes on gas delivered by, transported for, or received by it. Transporter may adjust rate

components in such manner as it may determine to yield above stated unit rates when calculated on an assumed 100% load factor basis. Shipper elects levelized billing

(to extent available under Tariff) for term of agreement.

4/ If a decrease in Transporter's maximum rate is mandated by a FERC proceeding initiated, directly or indirectly, or supported by Shipper, the Arkansas Gas Consumers,

Inc. ( AGC ) or any member of the AGC which contracts to receive service under the agreement, then Shipper shall continue to pay the agreed-to rates. If Shipper, AGC

or contracting AGC member initiates, directly or indirectly, or supports proceeding to challenge CEGT rates, CEGT has option to require change in Delivery Point to city

gate point.

5/ Rate applicable to specified receipt/delivery points, unless otherwise agreed. Authorized overrun rate for eligible FT services: $.2828/Dth (through 3/31/02),

$.2528/Dth (remainder of term).

6/ To be eligible for the above rates at any time during the term of the agreement, Shipper must utilize service under this TSA to transport all of its plant

requirements for natural gas to the extent such service is made available by Transporter. Otherwise, Transporter shall be entitled to charge and collect a total amount

calculated using rates not less than the maximum applicable rates for the term of the agreement.

7/ Shipper waives rights to receive any refunds, credits or benefits from rates, penalties or other revenues which would provide Shipper a greater economic benefit, or

a lower effective rate, than the above rates. If Shipper seeks to exercise any waived rights, Transporter shall notify Shipper, and if Shipper continues to seek to

exercise such waived rights, then Transporter shall have immediate right to terminate any provisions for rates less than maximum applicable rates.

8/ Shipper shall have a one-time right to reduce the Contract Demand level specified above. Amount of reduction limited to known and measurable changes in Shipper's

total firm gas requirements.

9/ For the term of the agreement, Shipper shall have a contractual "right-of-first-refusal" as to reserved capacity on Transporter s system, which will operate in the

same manner as the provisions of Section 21 of the GT&C in Tariff.

10/ AGC will provide Transporter prior notice of intent to file intervention, protest or other pleading regarding Transporter s FERC filing(s), provided that

Transporter gives AGC two days oral notification and copy of applicable FERC filing on day of filing.

11/ As long as Delivery Point remains behind Arkla, Shipper pays, in addition to all other rates and charges, $0.065/Dth (plus any increases by Arkla during term

whether due to change from volumetric to demand charge or otherwise) for all deliveries plus all fuel, fees, penalties, gas retentions and/or imbalance, overrun or

other such charges imposed by Arkla; if Transporter not allowed to charge or collect the above agreed-to amounts, then Transporter may adjust (including retroactively)

any of the rates and charges otherwise applicable under TSA to extent required to collect full amounts intended.