Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-433-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 788 Second Revised Sheet No. 788 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 788



This Agreement, between CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Company ("CEGT") ("Transporter") and

the parties indicated below, is entered into in accordance with the following terms and

conditions. Agent will act as Shipper's Agent for services provided by CEGT, under CEGT's Tariff,

pursuant to the Transportation Service Agreement(s) (hereafter "Agreement(s)") except as may be

provided below).


[('Shipper')] [('Agent')] Information: [('Agent')] [('Sub-Agent')] Information:

Company Name Company Name

[ Attn:] [Attn:]

[ Street Address] [Street Address]

[ City , State, Zip Code] [City, State, Zip Code]

[ Phone:] [Phone:]

[ Fax:] [Fax:]

[ E-mail:] [E-mail:]


Agency Effective Date:


Agency Applicable to: All Transportation Service Agreements (1)


Transportation Service Agreement(s) No(s): [Identify TSAs] (1)


YES(2) NO(2)

____ ____ a) Submitting nominations and notices (3)

____ ____ b) Submitting service requests

____ ____ c) Negotiating agreements

____ ____ d) Executing and amending agreements

____ ____ e) Requesting AutoNom service (3)

____ ____ f) All capacity release activities except as described in item "g" below.

____ ____ g) Changing primary points in connection with a capacity release

____ ____ h) Viewing and accessing meter statement(s) related to Shipper (3)

____ ____ i) Viewing/receiving/accessing Shipper's invoices and other invoice-related

information (3)

____ ____ j) Paying invoices related to the Transportation Service Agreement(s) (not cash-

out invoices) (3)

____ ____ k) Viewing/receiving/accessing reports, invoices and other information related to

Shipper's imbalances only (3) (4)

____ ____ l) Paying Shipper's cash-out invoices (3) (4)

____ ____ m) Requesting posting of imbalance quantities and arranging/performing imbalance

netting and/or trading (3) (4)

____ ____ n) Agent may assign this Agreement following at least five (5) days prior written

notice to Transporter and Shipper.

____ ____ o) Agent shall have the right to appoint a Sub-Agent. In case of conflict between

Agent's and Sub-Agent's Agency/Asset Manager Agreements, the terms of the

Agent's Agency/Asset Manager Agreement shall control.


(1) If neither is indicated, All Transportation Service Agreement(s) is presumed.

(2) If neither is indicated, "NO" is presumed.

(3) Agency must be effective as of the first day of a month or effective date of the

Transportation Service Agreement.

(4) Agency must be applicable to all of Shipper's Agreements (cannot have different Agents for

individual Transportation Service Agreements).


If Agent to pay on behalf of Shipper:

° CEGT shall make any cash balancing (subject to exceptions described above), refund,

penalty revenue crediting and other payments it may be required to make for

Shipper's account during the term of this Agency/Asset Manager Authorization

Agreement directly to Agent; and

° Shipper shall remain primarily responsible for payment of invoices.


[Describe other terms, if applicable]