Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-567-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 745 Second Revised Sheet No. 745

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 745






AND _____________________________________


(TSA NO._______________)


[Shipper] [Pool Manager] agrees to pay the rates specified on this Attachment A for performance of certain [gas

transportation service] [Pool Transfer activities] under the Transportation Service Agreement(s) specified

above. These rates are applicable only in accordance with the following:




(a) Description of Rates, Points, Quantities and Term:

[Described below] [See Rate Confirmation]

[Other tariff-permitted provisions]


(b) General: In consideration for [Shipper's] [Pool Manager's] continuing compliance with the

provisions of the Transportation Service Agreement(s) ("Agreement") specified above, the

[transportation rates and] [Pool Transfer] charges as defined above [for the specified services

provided under the Agreement], only apply to [receipts from, and subsequent deliveries to, the

Points of Receipt and Delivery] [Pool Transfers], quantities and/or time periods described

herein. [In addition to any rate or amount referred to herein (including discounted rates,

Negotiated Rates, overrun rates and maximum Tariff rates), Shipper shall provide or pay and

Transporter shall retain or charge Fuel Use and LUFG allowances or charges (including the EPC

surcharge) in such quantities or amounts as authorized from time to time by the Tariff.]

Except as specifically provided otherwise herein, [Shipper] [Pool Manager] shall pay any

applicable charges, penalties, surcharges, fees, taxes, assessments and/or direct billed

amounts provided for in the Tariff. [In any event, the rate in any Month shall never be below

Transporter's applicable minimum Tariff rate for a discount rate transaction.] [For a

Negotiated Rate transaction, the rate in any month shall never be below Transporter's

applicable minimum Tariff rate, unless Transporter otherwise agrees.] Transporter shall not be

responsible for the payment and satisfaction of any taxes assessed or levied on the receipt,

transmission (and any activities in connection therewith), delivery, use and/or consumption

with respect to Gas delivered or received by [Shipper] [Pool Manager], unless Transporter

agrees otherwise.


(c) Rate-Related Provisions:

(i) Consideration for Rate Granted: Transporter agrees to the rates defined by this

Attachment A in exchange for [Shipper's] [Pool Manager's] agreement to forego credits

or other benefits to which [Shipper] [Pool Manager] would otherwise be entitled, but

only to the extent such credits or benefits would result in a greater economic benefit

over the term of this Attachment A than that represented by the agreed-upon rate.

Accordingly, unless Transporter otherwise agrees, [Shipper] [Pool Manager] will not

receive credits from rates, refunds or other revenues collected by Transporter or

[Shipper] [Pool Manager] if to do so would effectively result in a lower rate or

greater economic benefit to [Shipper] [Pool Manager] [; provided, however, that for a

Shipper taking service under a discount or recourse rate agreement, the rate in any

month shall never be above Transporter's applicable maximum Tariff rate].


(ii) Entire Agreement: This Attachment A and any applicable Rate Confirmation(s) shall

supplement the Agreement with respect to the matters agreed to, and together shall

constitute the entire understanding of the parties relating to said matters as of the

effective date stated herein. All prior agreements, correspondence, understandings and

representations are hereby superseded and replaced by this Attachment A and for any

applicable Rate Confirmation(s) and the Agreement unless otherwise specified. Except

as otherwise provided herein, all terms used herein with initial capital letters are so

used with the respective meanings ascribed to them in Transporter's Tariff.