Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-468-001, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 737A Second Revised Sheet No. 737A

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 737A






4) RATE: Unless provided otherwise in an Attachment A to this Agreement in effect during the term of this

Agreement, in a capacity release award, or below, Shipper shall pay, or cause to be paid, to

Transporter each month for all services provided hereunder the maximum applicable rate, and any other

charges, fees, direct bill amounts, taxes, assessments, or surcharges provided for in Transporter's

Tariff, as on file and in effect from time to time, for each service rendered hereunder. [If Attachment

A or this Agreement provides for a rate other than the maximum applicable rate, the following shall



Shipper agrees to pay the rates specified below or on Attachment A for performance of certain gas

transportation service under the Agreement. These rates are applicable only in accordance with the



(a) Term, Points and/or Rates: The term of the rates, and the Receipt Point(s) and the Delivery

Point(s) eligible for such rates, shall be specified below or on Attachment A.

[Negotiated Rate] [Discounted Rate]

[Describe terms of Negotiated or Discounted Rate as permitted by the Tariff and applicable

Commission policy and precedent.]


[INSTRUCTIONS: The following may be included for Negotiated Rate transactions if

selected by the Shipper, and will permit such Shipper to use the designated alternative

points on a secondary basis at the specified rate.]


[If scheduled maintenance or other operational circumstances adversely affect the availability

of primary firm capacity under the Agreement and Transporter requests Shipper to receive and/or

deliver other than at the points specified above, then such points as designated by Transporter

shall be deemed eligible for the rates and the period specified. Transporter may make such

request via e-mail, in writing or via Internet Web Site posting and the document in which such

request appears shall be deemed to amend this Agreement for the purposes hereof.]


(b) Authorized Overrun: [For discounted rate transactions: Any authorized overrun quantities shall

be: __________________.] [For Negotiated Rate transactions: Unless Transporter agrees

otherwise, the rate for any authorized overrun quantities shall be the greater of the maximum

Tariff rate or the rate described [on Attachment A.] [above.][describe if other]


(c) General: In consideration for Shipper's continuing compliance with the provisions of the

Agreement, the transportation rates and charges as defined above or on Attachment A for the

specified services provided under the Agreement only apply to receipts from, and subsequent

deliveries to, the Points of Receipt and Delivery, quantities and/or time periods described

above or on Attachment A and to reserved capacity necessary to effect such service. In addition

to any rate or amount referred to herein (including discounted rates, Negotiated Rates, overrun

rates and maximum Tariff rates), except as specifically provided otherwise herein or on

Attachment A, Shipper shall provide or pay and Transporter shall retain or charge Fuel Use and

LUFG allowances or charges [(including the EPC surcharge)] in such quantities or amounts as

authorized from time to time by the Tariff and shall pay any applicable charges, penalties,

surcharges, fees, taxes, assessments and/or direct billed amounts provided for in the Tariff.

In any event, the rate in any Month shall never be below Transporter's applicable minimum Tariff

rate for a discount rate transaction. [For a Negotiated Rate transaction, the rate in any month

shall never be below Transporter's applicable minimum Tariff rate, unless Transporter otherwise

agrees.] Transporter shall not be responsible for the payment and satisfaction of any taxes

assessed or levied on the receipt, transmission (and any activities in connection therewith),

delivery, use and/or consumption with respect to Gas delivered or received by Shipper, unless

Transporter agrees otherwise.