Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/18/2010, Docket: RP10-383-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 684 Second Revised Sheet No. 684

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 684







Firm Service Penalty Revenue Credits, stated in dollars, to be

received by a Shipper with a firm contract in effect during the

Penalty Base Period which shall be determined by allocating the

Total Penalty Revenues among the firm Shippers in proportion to

firm reservation or demand revenues paid by such Shippers.


Total Linked Firm Service Penalty Revenue Credit shall mean the

sum of the Daily Linked Firm Service Revenue Credit amounts due an

individual Linked Firm Service Shipper for all Days during the

Penalty Base Period, stated in dollars, plus interest (calculated

in accordance with Section 154.501 of the Commission's

Regulations) on such amounts from the date of Transporter's

receipt from the FT-2 Shipper of the applicable Daily Linked Firm

Service Penalty Revenues until the payment of such amounts to the

Linked Firm Service Shipper.


Total Penalty Revenues shall mean the penalty revenues, other than

and excluding Daily Linked Firm Service Penalty Revenues, less the

penalty costs associated with such Total Penalty Revenues,

recovered or collected during the Penalty Base Period pursuant to

the imposition of: (a) Excess Contract Quantities Charges (Rate

Schedule FT, Section 5.2(b); Rate Schedule EFT, Section 5.2(b);

Rate Schedule IT, Section 5.2(a), Rate Schedule PS, Section 3, and

Rate Schedule PHS, Section 5.2(a)); (b) Excess Service Charges

(Rate Schedule FSS, Section 5.2(b); Rate Schedule ISS, Section

5.2); (c) Cycling Penalties (Rate Schedule FSS, Section 5.2(c));

(d) Unauthorized Service Fees (Rate Schedule NNTS, Section 6.2);

(e) Failure to Return Advance Delivery Gas Charges (Rate Schedule

SBS, Section 5.2(a), Rate Schedule PHS, Section 5.2(b)); (f)

Deficient Injection Charge (Rate Schedule RSS, Section 7.4); (g)

Unauthorized Gas Charge (General Terms and Conditions, Section

5.8); and (h) charges for failure to comply with an Operational

Flow Order (OFO) (General Terms and Conditions, Section 20). If

the Total Penalty Revenues for the Penalty Base period does not

exceed $100,000.00, then Transporter shall not calculate Shipper

Penalty Revenue Credits related to such balance but carry the

balance forward, plus interest calculated in accordance with

Section 154.501 of the Commission's Regulations, to the next

Penalty Base Period.