Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/28/2003, Docket: RP03-239-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 520 Original Sheet No. 520 : Effective




proceedings. Counsel who are themselves reviewing representatives under this

paragraph shall ensure that only the persons discussed above review the

protected materials. The reviewing representative or representatives must not

be involved in or have direct or supervisory responsibility over gas

purchases, gas sales, gas contracting, contract administration, gas contract

litigation, or gas marketing; nor may the reviewing representative be involved

in the furnishing of advice regarding any claim against CEGT under the terms

of a contract for the sale of gas to CEGT unless otherwise agreed to by CEGT.


5. A reviewing representative of a reviewing party shall not be

permitted to inspect, participate in discussions regarding, or otherwise be

permitted access to the protected materials pursuant to this Agreement unless

that representative has first executed, and there has been delivered to

counsel for CEGT a non-disclosure certificate in the following form:


I certify my understanding that access to the protected materials is

provided to me pursuant to the terms and restrictions of the binding

Protective Agreement and attached Terms of Protective Agreement

("Agreement") arising from the Stipulation and Agreement in Docket

No. RP91-49-000, that I have been given a copy of and have read the

Agreement and that I agree to be bound by it, and by any amendments

thereto. I understand that the contents of the protected materials,

memoranda, or any other form of information regarding or derived from

the protected materials shall not be disclosed to anyone other than in

accordance with that Agreement and shall be used only for the purpose

of the proceedings contemplated by the Stipulation and Agreement in

Docket No. RP91-49-000. I acknowledge that a violation of this

certificate constitutes a violation of the Agreement.


Any reviewing representative may disclose protected materials to any other

reviewing representative, provided that each has executed the foregoing

certificate and that each would be eligible to review directly the protected

materials in question. In the event that any reviewing representative to

whom the protected materials are disclosed ceases to be engaged in the

proceedings described in Paragraph 3 above, or is employed in or retained for

a position such that access to protected materials is prohibited by

Paragraph 4, access to protected materials by that person shall be

terminated. Even