Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-567-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 450 Second Revised Sheet No. 450

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 450







which qualify for the high-priority exemption and that

Shipper has taken all other reasonable actions within its

control (use of alternate fuels, curtailment of

interruptible service, etc.) to meet these high-priority



(d) Compensation. The bill for the Service Month in which

Shipper received service pursuant to an exemption pursuant

to subsection (c) above shall contain an additional charge

in an amount equal to the total quantity received by such

Shipper during the period of curtailment in excess of that

the Shipper would have received under a pro rata curtailment

multiplied by the Reservation Charge Adjustment or the

Deliverability Fee Adjustment under the applicable Rate

Schedule. All revenues collected by Transporter pursuant to

such additional charge shall be credited on a pro rata

basis, to the non-exempt Shippers during the period of

curtailment, to the extent such Shipper has not received a

credit to its reservation charge or fee as a result of the

disrupted service, based on the increase in curtailed

quantities experienced by such Shipper due to the granting

of the exemption(s) divided by the total such increase in

curtailed quantities experienced by all non-exempt Shippers.

Further, if, and to the extent that, scheduled and confirmed

flowing gas supplies are diverted from one firm Shipper to

another during a curtailment, other than pursuant to a

voluntary arrangement described in (f) below, the measure of

compensation paid by the diverting Shipper shall be the

higher of (1) $10.00 per Dth, or (2) two hundred seventy-

five percent (275%) of the Index Price published for the

Month in which the diversion occurred for each Dth by which

deliveries for such Shipper's account exceeded corresponding

receipts during the period of curtailment, plus one hundred

percent (100%) of all Reservation Charges. All revenues

collected by Transporter from Shippers receiving such

diverted supplies shall be credited pro rata based on the

quantities diverted from each to the Shippers which suffered

the diversions, less any