Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-567-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 266B Second Revised Sheet No. 266B

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 266B








The list of points eligible for aggregation as described herein is

as follows:


Receipt Point Name Location DRN No.

Columbia Gulf CP Richland Parish, LA 624289

Gulf South (Header) Richland Parish, LA 767474

KN-MEP (Header) Richland Parish, LA 811800

SESH (Header) Richland Parish, LA 776672

SESH FM-65 (Header) Richland Parish, LA 776692

SESH/SONAT (Header) Richland Parish, LA 776673

Tenn 800 (Header) Franklin Parish, LA 767475

Storage (Header)(future) Richland Parish, LA


From time to time, other Perryville Hub Receipt Points may be

determined eligible for supply aggregation as described in this

section, and Transporter may add such points to the above list by

posting on its Internet Web Site.


(c) A Shipper utilizing its AP shall be required to receive

scheduling communications from Transporter via e-mail, as

described in Section 22.9, GT&C, of this Tariff and to match

receipt and delivery nomination quantities (adjusted for

Fuel Use and/or LUFG, as applicable); however, in the event

of imbalances at an AP, the imbalance will be determined by

calculating the difference between total aggregated receipts

into an AP and total deliveries under the Rate Schedule PHS

(Wheeling) Service Agreement for the applicable period.

Imbalances under a Rate Schedule PHS (Wheeling) Service

Agreement shall be deemed to be in the Line CP Pooling Area

and shall otherwise be subject to the provisions of Section

5.7, GT&C, of this Tariff. A Shipper's nomination for

deliveries out of an AP shall be adjusted by Transporter to

reflect changes to scheduled nominations for receipts into

its AP. Shippers utilizing an AP shall be required to

provide a predetermined allocation methodology to be used in

case of reductions in scheduled quantities at Perryville Hub

Receipt or Delivery Points, as applicable. In the absence

of such a methodology, a Shipper's nominations may be

rejected, or reductions shall be made by Transporter on a

pro rata basis, based on nominated quantities.