Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Company

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/20/2008, Docket: RP09-89-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 65 Original Sheet No. 65






5. MONTHLY BILL: (continued)


(b) The product of the Commodity Rate and the total Dth of

Gas delivered during the Service Month up to

applicable Contract Limitations;


(c) The product of the applicable Overrun Rate based on

Shipper's ACE, and the total Dth of Overrun Gas,

whether authorized or unauthorized, received,

transported and/or delivered during the Service Month.


5.2 Adjustments.


(a) Failure to Deliver Contract Demand: If during one or

more Days in the Service Month Transporter is unable

to deliver to a Shipper which is paying the maximum

rate, including a Reservation Charge, Gas scheduled

and received by Transporter for the account of

Shipper, up to the Contract Demand, consistent with

other Contract Limitations, established for the

Service Month, then, for Shippers paying the maximum

rate, the total applicable Reservation Charge shall be

reduced by subtracting the product of the quantity of

such Gas in Dth which Transporter did not deliver and

the applicable currently effective Reservation Charge

Adjustment Rate based on Shipper's ACE. For Shippers

paying less than the maximum rate, the amount of the

adjustment, if any, shall be consistent with the

discount agreement between Shipper and Transporter.


(b) Excess Contract Quantities: Excess Contract

Quantities under Rate Schedule EFT are those

quantities that (i) exceed, on any Day, one hundred

two percent (102%) of the Contract Limitations (or in

the event of curtailment or when Transporter has

invoked the provisions of Section 20 of the General

Terms and Conditions, quantities that exceed 102% of

the total quantity which Shipper is authorized to

transport); and (ii) are unauthorized Overrun Gas.

Excess Contract Quantities under Rate Schedule EFT are

categorized by percentage of Shipper's Contract

Limitations or other authorized amount, as follows: