Keyspan LNG, LP (Alng)

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/27/2003, Docket: RP03-241-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 81 Original Sheet No. 81 : Effective


Joseph A. Vaszily, Vice President








KLNG shall schedule simultaneous requests for vaporization and,

trucking service so that the various services occur simultaneously. KLNG

shall schedule service among vaporization customers in accordance with

Section 19.1, and customers requesting truck receipts and deliveries in

accordance with Section 19.2. All vaporization quantities shall be

delivered to Providence Gas at uniform hourly rates unless Providence Gas

agrees to a higher rate.


19.1 Vaporization.


(a) Firm: Requests for vaporization by firm Customers shall be

scheduled in advance of the allocation of any vaporization

capacity to interruptible Customers. Subject only to Sections

17 (Force Majeure), and 18 (Curtailment) of these General

Terms and Conditions, KLNG shall schedule for vaporization

each firm Customers' nominated quantity up to its Maximum

Daily Withdrawal Quantity. In the event that the sum of all

timely nominations by firm Customers for authorized overrun

vaporization exceed the portion of the vaporization capacity

of KLNG's facilities committed to Customers nominating up to

their Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantities, the available

vaporization capacity shall be allocated among Customers

submitting nominations for overrun service pro rata on the

basis of their firm Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantities.


(b) Interruptible: In the event that capacity remains available

after the scheduling of all requests for vaporization by firm

Customers, requests for vaporization by interruptible

Customers shall be scheduled (1) among Customers paying the

maximum applicable rate on a first-come, first-served basis

based upon the priority assigned to Customer's request, then

(2) among Customers paying a discounted rate on the basis of

the rate being paid, with the Customer paying the highest


having the highest priority.


(c) Limitation: Requests for vaporization shall be rejected to

the extent that the amount of gas requested, plus amounts

retained for vaporization fuel, would exceed Customer's

remaining Contract Storage Quantity.