Keyspan LNG, LP (Alng)

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/27/2003, Docket: RP03-241-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 48 Original Sheet No. 48 : Effective


Joseph A. Vaszily, Vice President





8. MEASUREMENTS (continued)


(g) The deviation of the gas from Boyle's and Charles's Law shall

be determined in accordance with, but not limited to, the

published recommendations of the American Gas Association and

the American National Standards Institute as KLNG deems to be

in accordance with industry practice.


(h) The Total Heating Value per cubic foot of British thermal

units shall be determined by the combustion in a Cutler-Hammer

or an equally efficient recording calorimeter, or by some

other acceptable method when in KLNG's judgment the quantities

of gas being measured do not warrant a recording calorimeter.


8.3 LNG Deliveries and Receipts in Liquid Phase. LNG deliveries and

receipts by KLNG in the liquid phase into or from trucks shall be

measured in terms of weight or by some other acceptable unit and

converted into Dth. The quantity so delivered or received shall

be determined by having the truck weighed before and after loading

or unloading on certified scales designated by KLNG, or by some

other method acceptable to KLNG. LNG deliveries and receipts by

KLNG pursuant to Section 4.8 of the General Terms and Conditions

shall be measured in appropriate units and converted into Dth.

The quantities of LNG so delivered or received shall be converted

into Dth (reflecting Total Heating Value) in accordance with

standards acceptable to KLNG applied in a practical manner.


8.4 Inventory. KLNG shall maintain accurate inventory accounting of

LNG in its storage facilities in Dth and barrels. Such inventory

accounting shall be utilized to ascertain quantities received,

stored and delivered by KLNG for the account of Customer.


8.5 General Provision. Gauging and measurements shall be in

accordance with accepted industry practices or such other

practices which in KLNG's judgment will produce reasonable and

nondiscriminatory gauging and measurements.




KLNG may reject any quantities of LNG tendered for delivery into, or

require removal pursuant to Section 6.2 of these GT&C of any LNG stored

in the storage facility which in KLNG's sole judgment, reasonably