Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/30/2009, Docket: RP10-77-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 560 Second Revised Sheet No. 560

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 560





(b) Intra-day nominations under firm rate schedules. Algonquin shall allow Customer

to revise Customer's nomination under any firm rate schedule any time prior to

the end of the Gas Day being scheduled provided such revision may be implemented,

in Algonquin's reasonable judgment, by Algonquin without detriment to any other

firm service Customer and provided such change can be confirmed in a timely

manner with Customer's upstream operator and downstream operator and other

operators of connecting facilities and supplies. There are two types of intra-

day nominations: (i) a nomination received during the Gas Day for the same Day of

gas flow, and (ii) a nomination received after the nominations deadline for the

following Gas Day. At least one (1) intra-day nomination can be submitted 4

hours prior to gas flow. Within four (4) hours of an intra-day nomination,

Algonquin will notify affected Customer(s) and point operator(s) of changes in

scheduled quantities. Such a change in nominated and scheduled quantities shall

be processed after timely nominations have been scheduled and shall be made

prospectively only. Algonquin shall be obligated to deliver the quantities of

gas attributable to a revision of Customer's nomination at the same hourly rate

as Customer's gas is delivered into Algonquin's system ("Upstream Delivery Hourly

Rate") unless delivery at such hourly rate would impair firm service to another

Customer. In the event delivery is not made at the Upstream Delivery Hourly

Rate, Algonquin shall deliver the quantities at a uniform hourly rate or, in the

case of Service Agreements resulting from the conversion pursuant to Order No.

636 of sales entitlements under former Rate Schedules F-1 and WS-1, at a rate

equal to .06 multiplied by the scheduled daily quantity, or such greater hourly

rate as may be consistent with Algonquin's system operational requirements to

serve firm Customers. Any scheduling nomination submitted after the initial

scheduling nomination shall contain Customer's anticipated service requirements

for one Day only and shall include the effective date and time. Intra-day

nominations do not replace the remainder of a standing nomination. There is no

need to re-nominate if an intra-day nomination modifies an existing nomination.

The interconnected parties shall agree to the hourly flows for the intra-day



If Customer submits an intra-day nomination on the same contract which already

has been scheduled to flow through a Posted Point of Restriction, such intra-day

nomination may be scheduled by Algonquin provided that the intra-day nomination

has a scheduling sequence priority that is being scheduled and allowed to flow on

the same Gas Day as the intra-day nomination pursuant to Sections 23.1 and 48.3

of the General Terms and Conditions and provided that the intra-day nomination

does not result in a net increase in the total volume scheduled on the contract

through the Posted Point of Restriction on that Gas Day.


(c) Intra-day nominations under interruptible rate schedules. Algonquin may allow,

Customer to revise its nominations on a prospective basis under any interruptible

rate schedule any time prior to the end of the Gas Day being scheduled, provided

that, in Algonquin's reasonable judgment, Algonquin may implement such revision

under existing system operating conditions and such revision shall cause no

detriment to any other firm or interruptible service. There are two types of

intra-day nominations: (i) a nomination received during the Gas Day for the same

Day of