Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/30/2009, Docket: RP10-77-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 537 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 537

Superseding: Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 537





14. CAPACITY RELEASE (continued)


(d) Notice by Algonquin. Releasing Customer's Notice, including the identity of

the Releasing Customer shall be posted on the LINK® System and by electronic

data interchange until the expiration of the applicable Bid Period; however,

Pipeline shall not post any minimum conditions that Releasing Customer has

elected not to disclose. At the Releasing Customer's request Algonquin may,

but shall not be obligated to take other action to market any capacity which

the Releasing Customer desires to release, and the Releasing Customer may

search for any party to take its capacity.


(e) Bids. Only Approved Bidders that have executed a Capacity Release Umbrella

Agreement, the form of which is contained in this tariff, may bid on capacity

which the Releasing Customer proposes to release. Bids shall be made on the

LINK® System or, where applicable, through electronic data interchange during

the Bid Period on an open bidding basis, provided that the bidders' names shall

not be posted except for the winning bidder. The Approved Bidder's bid

submitted via the LINK® System or electronic data interchange shall include an

e-mail address for at least one contact person, which will not be posted. It

is the Approved Bidder's responsibility to update e-mail address information

provided to Algonquin as necessary. Bids must meet the minimum terms of

Releasing Customer's Notice in order to be considered a valid bid. Invalid

bids shall be rejected. For releases that become effective on or after July

30, 2008, an Approved Bidder may submit a bid in excess of the maximum tariff

rate for the applicable service if (i) the term of the proposed release is one

(1) year or less, and (ii) the effective date of the proposed release is on or

before one (1) year from the date on which Algonquin is notified of the

release. Algonquin shall select the bid to be accepted in accordance with

Section 14.5(c). If permitted by Releasing Customer's Notice, and subject to

the provisions thereof, the bidder may submit a contingent bid by including the

details of the contingency in its bid; provided, however, that such contingency

must not be contrary to any applicable provision of these General Terms and



(f) If there are awards of capacity for which there have been multiple bids meeting

minimum conditions, the best bid shall be awarded first, until all offered

capacity is awarded.


(g) Partial Day Release Quantity


(1) The daily contractual entitlement that can be released by a Releasing

Customer for a partial Day release is limited to the lesser of:

(i) the quantity contained in the Releasing Customer's Notice submitted

by the Releasing Customer; or

(ii)a quantity equal to the difference between the MDTQ for the contract

to be released by the Releasing Customer and the quantity scheduled

for that period of the Day prior to the effective time of the release

of the capacity, based upon the elapsed-prorated-scheduled quantity.


This allocated daily contractual entitlement shall be used for purposes

of nominations, billing, and if applicable, for overrun calculations.


(2) If on the Day of a partial Day release the Releasing Customer's existing

scheduled quantity exceeds the MDTQ remaining on the original contract

after the award of the partial Day release, then the Releasing Customer

must reduce its nominated quantity to a quantity that is equal to or less

than the MDTQ remaining on the original contract.