Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/30/2009, Docket: RP10-77-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 231 First Revised Sheet No. 231

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 231








5.10 In the event Customer has multiple upstream no-notice services pursuant to more

than one contract, from more than one pipeline, or under more than one rate

schedule, Customer shall provide Algonquin a predetermined order of preference for

these upstream services. Algonquin shall follow this order of preference in

scheduling Customer's upstream no-notice service. Customer may, upon twenty-four

hours' written notice to Algonquin, modify this specification of scheduling



5.11 In the event Algonquin issues a Section 5 Order on Customer's behalf, Algonquin

shall provide notice as soon as possible to Customer and Customer's Notice Agent

by telephone or facsimile and by posting on the Internet Web Site that the Section

5 Order has been issued.




6.1 (A) Primary Points of Receipt: The Primary Point(s) of Receipt at which

Algonquin shall receive gas for transportation under this rate schedule

shall be specified in an exhibit to the service agreement executed by

Algonquin and Customer. Such exhibit shall specify for each Primary Point

of Receipt the MDRO and receipt pressure obligations. Such exhibit by

mutual written agreement may be superseded by a new exhibit which may add or

delete specific points or make other changes thereto that the parties deem

appropriate. Algonquin shall not accept any proposed Primary Point(s) of

Receipt, or quantity at any Primary Point(s) of Receipt, or change in

quantities among Primary Point(s) of Receipt if (a) the resulting aggregate

MDROs at all of Customer's Primary Point(s) of Receipt would exceed

Customer's MDTQ, or (b) in doing so, in Algonquin's reasonable judgment,

Algonquin would impair its ability to satisfy its existing firm obligations

to receive gas pursuant to other firm service agreements under which such

Point(s) of Receipt are Primary Points of Receipt and to purchase and

receive its Company Use Gas at maximum deliverability levels, as such

Company Use Gas arrangements exist under agreements effective at the date of

Customer's request or reasonably expected by Algonquin to be effective

within six months of the request.


(B) A Replacement Customer that acquired capacity pursuant to the capacity

release mechanism set forth in Section 14 of the General Terms and Conditions

of this tariff or a releasing Customer that has released capacity pursuant to

the capacity release mechanism set forth in Section 14 of the GT&C of this

tariff may request, subject to the availability of point and path capacity,

any interconnection between the facilities of Algonquin and the facilities of

other operators for use as a Primary Point of Receipt in a segmented

transaction, provided, however, that Algonquin shall not accept any proposed

Primary Point of Receipt to the extent that (a) the resulting aggregate

contractual entitlements under the related releasing and replacement

contracts along any segment would exceed the MDTQ of the original contract,

or (b) the quantities transported along any segment under the resulting

aggregate related releasing and replacement contracts would exceed the MDTQ

of the original contract. In the event that Replacement Customer selects a

new Primary Point of Receipt that is located within the acquired contract

path, the portion of the path no longer covered by that contract is deemed to

be unsubscribed capacity that may be sold by Algonquin for the term of the

capacity release agreement. Upon termination of the capacity release

agreement, all capacity covered by the original release, including the

original Primary Points of Receipt, shall revert to the Releasing Customer,

and any Primary Points of Receipt granted during the term of the capacity

release agreement shall revert to Algonquin as unsubscribed capacity.