American Midstream (AlaTenn), LLC

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2010, Docket: RP10-493-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 28 Original Sheet No. 28


RATE SCHEDULE FT (continued)


The total quantity specified at all Receipt Points (less Fuel and Losses) and the

total volumes


for Delivery Points shall equal the Contract Demand specified in Shipper's FT



4.4 Secondary Receipt and Delivery Point(s): Shipper may use as a Secondary

Receipt or


Point(s) any other Receipt or Delivery Point(s) on either mainline segment on



The nomination of Secondary Point(s) shall be made by notifying Transporter

three Days prior to


beginning of a Month. A firm Shipper's rights to use a Secondary Receipt or

Delivery Point(s)


have a higher scheduling priority to all interruptible Shippers' use of that point, but

a lower


priority to all firm Shippers using that point as a Primary Receipt or Delivery

Point(s). Shipper's


receipts or deliveries on any Day shall not exceed the Contract Demand specified

in its FT

Contract, if

the capacity at a Secondary Receipt or Delivery Point(s) is insufficient to serve all



the point, receipt or delivery quantities for that point shall be allocated in

accordance with Section

3 of

the General Terms and Conditions. Shipper shall not lose its priority at designated


Receipt or

Delivery Point(s) by the use of Secondary Receipt or Delivery Point(s).


4.5 Pressures: Shipper shall deliver gas to Transporter at the pressure required

from time to

time to

enable the gas to enter Transporter's facilities at the Receipt Point(s). Transporter

shall deliver

gas to

Shipper or Shipper's designee at Transporter's line pressure existing at the

Delivery Point(s).


4.6 Uniform Quantities: Shipper shall deliver and receive gas in uniform daily

quantities during


Month and in uniform hourly quantities during any Day with no significant

fluctuation, provided,


that Transporter will permit greater hourly deliveries whenever the making of such

greater hourly

deliveries will not in Transporter's sole judgment, deprive any other firm Shipper

of gas to which

it is

entitled or impair in any way Transporter's pipeline operations, or cause

Transporter to incur