Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1084 Original Sheet No. 1084 : Effective








30.1 For purposes of this Section 30, Unauthorized Gas shall mean all Gas introduced, whether

intentionally or otherwise, into any of Pipeline's facilities without express authorization

from Pipeline, which is not otherwise subject to any Service Agreement under Pipeline's

Tariff that authorizes the introduction of such Gas.


30.2 Upon the detection of Unauthorized Gas on any of Pipeline's facilities, Pipeline shall

issue notice on its Website, directing all responsible parties to either obtain authority

for the introduction of such Gas or to remove it from the pipeline system, within 72 hours.

Pipeline shall make reasonable efforts to provide direct written notice or notice via

facsimile to the suspected owner or Customer of such Unauthorized Gas.


30.3 Upon the expiration of the 72-hour notice period, any Unauthorized Gas volumes that have

not been attributed to an effective Service Agreement or removed from Pipeline's facilities

shall be confiscated, at no cost to Pipeline or Pipeline's Customers. Pipeline shall value

such confiscated Unauthorized Gas at the Monthly Low Gas Price Index as applicable for the

month in which the gas was confiscated.


30.4 Pipeline shall continue to confiscate any additional quantities of Unauthorized Gas from

the detected source on a monthly basis, until such Gas is attributed to an effective

Service Agreement.


30.5 On a monthly basis in a subaccount of Account No. 253 - Other Deferred Credits ("Deferred

Account"), Pipeline shall record a credit for the value of the confiscated Unauthorized

Gas pursuant to GT&C Section 30.3 above, and shall record a debit for any costs associated

with the management of such confiscated Unauthorized Gas. In addition, the Deferred

Account shall be credited for a carrying charge, which shall be determined by the product

of 30.5.A. and 30.5.B. below:


A. The balance in the Deferred Account, exclusive of carrying

charges accrued pursuant to GT&C Section 30.5.B. net of the

related deferred tax amounts, if any, as of the end of the

Immediately preceding month.


B. The Interest Rate divided by 365, or 366 in a leap year, and

then multiplied by the number of days in the applicable Month.


30.6 Within sixty days of the end of the Annual Period, or at any time the balance in the

Deferred Account exceeds $100,000, Pipeline shall have the right to refund the balance in

the subaccount through an invoice credit in the next billing cycle. Such credits shall be

allocated pro rata based on annualized contract MDTQs for firm service customers with

contract terms of one year or greater and based on annual volumes for the preceding

calendar year for firm service customers with contract terms of less than one year or for

interruptible service customers. For purposes of this calculation, an annual period shall

be the twelve Months commencing each December 1st and ending the following November 30th

with the first period commencing upon the implementation of service under this Tariff and

concluding the following November 30th.