Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1077 Original Sheet No. 1077 : Effective







26.4 Evaluation Criteria and Award of Capacity (Cont.)


F. Tie-Breakers


1. Bids that offer to pay the maximum authorized rate applicable to the offered

service shall be considered superior to a bid to pay a specified dollar rate

that is equal to the currently-effective maximum tariff rate.


2. For equal tying bids, capacity shall be allocated to the bidder that submitted

its winning bid first in time, unless Pipeline specifies another objective, non-

discriminatory method of addressing equal tying bids in its posting.


G. Pipeline shall post the material terms of the winning bid(s) on its Website,

immediately after the bid is awarded.


H. Contracting. Pipeline shall notify the successful bidder in writing of any award of

capacity and Pipeline shall deliver to the successful bidder(s) a Service Agreement

that confirms the terms of the accepted bid(s) for the available capacity, within

five Business Days of the close of the bidding period. The successful bidder(s)

shall sign and return the executed Service Agreement to Pipeline within ten Business

Days of receipt of the Service Agreement from Pipeline. In the event the winning

bidder fails to execute the Service Agreement in a timely fashion, Pipeline shall

have (1) to offer the capacity to the next highest bidder or bidders, if any, that

have submitted an acceptable bid or bids; or (2) post the capacity for bid again.


26.5 Pre-arranged Deal. Pipeline may enter into a contingent Service Agreement with any

party (pre-arranged shipper) for capacity that remains uncommitted after posting

pursuant to this Section 26 or GT&C Section 25, provided that Pipeline posts the terms

of the Service Agreement on its Website for no less than 48 Hours. During such time,

any approved bidder may submit a bid in accordance with the bidding procedures

established in this Section 26. Pipeline shall evaluate and award the capacity in

accordance with this Section 26, except that Pipeline shall not be limited to the use of

maximum rates when evaluating the bids. In the event of a tie, the pre-arranged shipper

shall be awarded the capacity. The pre-arranged shipper shall have a one-time right to

match a higher bid or combination of bids in order to obtain the capacity. If the pre-

arranged shipper fails to match the higher bid within 48 Hours, then Pipeline shall

award the capacity to the highest bidder.


26.6 If any capacity remains uncommitted after posting in accordance with the provisions of this

Section 26 or GT&C Section 25, Pipeline may hold such capacity for Pipeline's own use, re-

post the capacity pursuant to Sections 26.3 and 26.4, sell the capacity on a pre-arranged

deal basis pursuant to Section 26.5 or reserve such capacity for expansion projects

pursuant to Section 27.