Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1066 Original Sheet No. 1066 : Effective









22.1 Except as to this Section 22, Pipeline shall have no obligation to construct,

modify, improve, or alter any facilities in order to provide service under this

Tariff. Nothing in this Tariff shall require Pipeline to file an application for a

certificate of public convenience and necessity under Section 7(c) of the Natural

Gas Act. Further, nothing in this Tariff shall prevent Pipeline from contesting an

application for service filed pursuant to Section 7(a) of the NGA.


22.2 For the purposes of this Section 22, "Requested Facilities" shall mean Taps, M&R

Equipment and Laterals. Requested Facilities shall not include major expansion of

transmission facilities. Tap shall mean a Delivery or Receipt tap and shall

include, but shall not be limited to, flanges and block valves and sufficient

pipeline from the Pipeline's existing transmission facilities to the edge of

Pipeline's right-of-way. M&R Equipment shall include miscellaneous connecting

pipeline to the Tap, meters, flow and pressure regulators, filters/separators, gas

heaters, flanges, check valves, electronic gas measurement, communication equipment

and gas conditioning and odorization equipment other than Tap equipment. Lateral

shall mean any transmission pipeline extension (other than a mainline extension)

built by Pipeline from an existing transmission pipeline facility or new Tap to

Receive or Deliver Gas to or on behalf of one or more Customers, including new

Points of Receipt or Delivery and enlargements or replacements of existing

laterals. Construction shall mean the construction, modification, rearrangement or

installation by Pipeline or its designee of Requested Facilities to perform any

service, including any Requested Facilities necessary for Pipeline to Receive or

Deliver Gas, or measure any Gas Received from or Delivered to or on behalf of any

Customer requesting Pipeline's construction of such facilities.


22.3 A party shall submit a request for facilities under GT&C Section 11 requesting

Pipeline to construct Requested Facilities in conjunction with a request for

transportation services (Requesting Customer). Pipeline will respond to each

request for interconnect facilities within sixty (60) days after receiving the

request. Pipeline shall receive and process all such requests for construction of

Requested Facilities in a manner that is not unduly discriminatory.


22.4 Pipeline shall construct Requested Facilities under the conditions provided below:


A. Requested Facilities shall be established at a location that does not (i)

adversely affect Pipeline's operations; (ii) diminish service to existing

Customers; (iii) cause Pipeline to be in violation of any applicable

environmental or safety laws or regulations with respect to the facilities

required to establish a new point of interconnection with Pipeline's

facilities; (iv) cause Pipeline to be in violation of its right-of-way

agreements or any contractual obligations; and (v) cause Pipeline to expand

it pipeline facilities or construct any facilities leading up to the point of



B. Pipeline and Requesting Customer shall cooperate to provide in a cost-

effective manner the supporting evidence and analysis necessary to obtain

governmental approvals for their respective facilities from any federal,

state or local government agency having jurisdiction including, but not

limited to, all exhibits required by an application for FERC authorization;


C. Terms and conditions of the construction, ownership, operation and

maintenance of Requested Facilities shall be mutually agreed to by Pipeline

and the Requesting Customer and set forth in a facilities agreement (unless

Pipeline has agreed to pay for the cost of all Requested Facilities); and