Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1065 Original Sheet No. 1065 : Effective









21.1 Upon request by Pipeline, Customer shall submit estimates to Pipeline of the hourly,

average day, peak-day, monthly, and annual quantities to be transported under the Rate

Schedules in this Tariff by Points of Receipt and Delivery and such other operating data as

Pipeline may require in order to plan its operations, to meet its requirements, to respond

to Force Majeure and to render reliable service to its customers.


21.2 If Customer fails to comply with any material provisions of this Tariff, Pipeline, upon

notice to Customer, may refuse to Receive Gas and/or may refuse to Deliver Gas, until

Customer has fully complied with the terms of this Tariff.


21.3 Pipeline may, at its reasonable discretion, waive any rate, penalty, charge, or other term

contained in this Tariff, provided that such waiver is not unduly discriminatory, and

provided further that such waiver will not impede Pipeline's performance of its firm

service obligations.


21.4 Long-Term Customers' Existing Load


A. Customer taking long-term service under a Firm Transportation Rate Schedule shall have

a limited reduction right, in the event that Pipeline enters into a Service Agreement

to provide primary firm service to Customer's existing load. For purposes of this

Section 21.4, "Customer's existing load" means an entity (including its successors,

assigns or agents) that is located in Customer's franchise area, with a load being

served by Customer as of the earlier of: the date of Customer's firm Service

Agreement, or Customer's binding precedent agreement to enter into a firm Service

Agreement. Upon Pipeline's execution of a firm Service agreement with Customer's

existing load, Customer may elect to reduce its MDTQ by an amount up to the quantity

specified in Pipeline's firm service agreement for such existing load or Customer's

remaining MDTQ, whichever is less. Any reduction elected by Customer shall continue

until the termination of Pipeline's firm service agreement with Customer's existing



B. Nothing in this Section 21 shall be construed as precluding any qualified person from

participating in Pipeline's capacity release program. Such secondary market activity

shall not trigger any right or obligation under this Section 21.