Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

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Effective Date: 03/12/2009, Docket: RP09-358-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 1062 Second Revised Sheet No. 1062

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 1062







19.1 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT. In accordance with 18 CFR Part 358, Pipeline shall comply with the Commission's

regulations regarding Standards of Conduct.


A. Independent Functioning Rule. Pipeline's transmission function employees must function

independently of its marketing function employees. Pipeline is prohibited from permitting its

marketing function employees to conduct transmission functions and Pipeline is prohibited from

permitting transmission function employees to conduct marketing functions, except as permitted

by 18 CFR Part 358 of the Commission's Regulations.


B. Transparency Rule. All information required to be posted on Pipeline's Website pursuant to the

Commission's Standards of Conduct regulations, 18 CFR Part 358 including, but not limited to,

identification of Pipeline's transmission function employees, information on affiliates that

employ or retain marketing function employees, information on shared facilities, information or

notice of disclosure of transmission function information, waivers, transfers of certain

employees, potential mergers, voluntary consent information, and written procedures

implementing compliance with the Standards of Conduct. All information will be provided under

"Informational Postings" and will be updated as required by applicable regulation(s) issued by

the Commission.


19.2 Requirements For A Valid Transportation Request. For a service request to be considered valid, it must

contain the items set forth in GT&C Section 11. A service request form may be obtained by writing

Dominion South Pipeline Company, LP, Transportation Requests, 701 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23219

or by calling 1-800-895-8899.


19.3 Complaint Procedures.


A. Customers or potential Customers wishing to complain or inquire about matters concerning requests

for transportation should call Pipeline's Ombudsman, as identified on the Website. Callers should

be prepared to state with specificity the nature of the complaint, what actions or procedures of

Pipeline gave rise to the complaint, and the remedy sought.


B. Pipeline shall promptly investigate the complaint and shall explain the actions or procedures

giving rise to the complaint, initially, within 48 hours and in writing, within 30 days.


C. If any complaint is not resolved, the matter shall be referred to Pipeline's Ombudsman, who will

attempt to resolve the complaint within 15 days of the date of referral.


D. Complaints not resolved by the Ombudsman, shall be referred to Pipeline's legal staff.


19.4 Information On Availability And Pricing Of Transportation Service.


A. Pipeline Delivers Gas on an open access basis at the rates set forth in this Tariff. Customers

and potential Customers may determine the availability of service by submitting valid requests

for such service in accordance with GT&C Section 11, or by monitoring the Website. Customers may

determine the availability of a discounted rate for service by requesting such rate from Pipeline

in writing (including facsimile). Documentation supporting the need for the discount must

accompany all such requests.


B. All information pertaining to any offer of a discount for any transmission service made by

Pipeline will be maintained as required by 18 CFR Section 250.16(d) and subpart D of 18 CFR Part

385 of the Commission's regulations.