Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1058 Original Sheet No. 1058 : Effective






18.1.D Operational Flow Orders. (Cont.)


3. The factors resulting in the issuance of an OFO shall be posted on the Website

within seven Gas Days after issuance.


4. An OFO shall be cancelled when the conditions that created the need for the OFO

have been resolved.


5. Within 14 days of rescinding any OFO issued hereunder, Pipeline shall post on the

Website a report containing information regarding the factors that caused the OFO

to be issued and then lifted. In any report, Pipeline shall describe in detail

the circumstances that caused the issuance of the OFO, the steps taken to

alleviate the circumstances, and the changes that occurred to resolve the

conditions that created the need for the OFO.


E. Pipeline may issue an OFO under this Section to apply to Pipeline's system in whole

or in part.


18.2 Notice


A. Except to the extent conditions and operations require a shorter notice period or

alternative methods of notice, Pipeline shall provide prior notice of the issuance of

an OFO by posting the issuance on its Website at least two hours prior to the time

for Customer action.


B. Pipeline shall provide prompt notice of the termination of an OFO or a decrease in

required quantities under any effective OFO.


C. Prior to issuing an OFO affecting firm transportation service at a Primary Point,

Pipeline shall take all other remedial actions and shall issue any other OFO

permitted under any other provision of this tariff which, in Pipeline's judgment,

could alleviate, in whole or in part, the operational limitations that Pipeline is



18.3 When Pipeline May Issue an OFO.


A. Pipeline may issue an OFO to maintain or restore a balance on Pipeline's system, to

protect Pipeline's system integrity, and to allow Pipeline to satisfy its firm

service obligations.


B. Specific Instances. A Customer receiving service under Firm Transportation Rate

Schedules or Interruptible Transportation Rate Schedules may be subject to OFOs

issued by Pipeline:


1. to alleviate conditions that threaten the operational integrity of Pipeline's

system; or


2. to maintain pressures and line pack necessary for Pipeline's operations; or


3. to ensure adequate flowing supplies are Tendered at any Point of Receipt; or


4. to alleviate operational problems arising from overdeliveries or underdeliveries

by a customer(s) in violation of its Service Agreement and/or applicable Rate

Schedule; or